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Food And How It Is Beneficial To The Body

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7 months ago

Food And How It Is Beneficial To The Body

Food is that thing that makes man grow and can also give one strength to carry out any form of job or work. Food can be of great benefit to humanity and we all need food to make us grow in life. 

We eat to grow: Without food, growth cannot and can never happen in human beings. When you eat and do not grow, it means you have not eaten to your satisfaction instead you only eat little or no food. Growth normally is the increase in height and this is what we all need in life. 

We eat to have the strength to carry out any kind of work: According to the definition, work is when you attach force to move a body through a particular distance. So, the effort is applied and in human beings, when you carry out a piece of work, food is necessary. Without food, one cannot be able to carry out any kind of work. This is another reason we must all eat and eat to our satisfaction. 

When I was in the class teaching one fateful day, I did not eat from home and so was having challenges. I taught the first class without complaint, I went to the second class, and my body was a little down waiting to eat. In the third class, it became a fact that I was not able to carry on. The funniest aspect of it was that I was very much angry and could not carry on with my class any longer. This is why they say that a hungry man is an angry man. Without food, you will be very much angry and will never carry out any kind of job or work given to you. 

Eat and eat to your satisfaction, because when you do, you cannot be able to have any form of anger instead you will work diligently. Work and eating are two different things that can match up with each other. If you did not eat, you cannot be able to work effectively and if you are unable to work, it means you have either not eaten or something else.

Not eating can cause some kinds of sicknesses which are common to people. I was opportune to leave food for just in the morning and ate at around 4 PM. My wife said, ``Do you want to have an ulcer"? It was a nice question. This shows that when you leave food, you are prone to have ulcers. Eat enough to avoid ulcers.

Don't just eat any kind of food but eat a balanced diet. A Balanced diet can make your health be balanced and without sickness. As a parent, do make your children eat a balanced diet to avoid having a sickness called kwashiorkor. The best is to always make sure your children's food is balanced instead of making it just one kind of food. We have different classes of food ranging from 

  • Carbohydrate: Carbohydrates help to give energy to the body system. It is not advisable to only take carbohydrates alone but must take it in conjunction with other foods. This includes food that has starch such as rice, cassava

  • Protein: The food here is dairy food such as egg, meat and others. This is used to build up the body.

  • Vitamin: 

  • Minerals

  • Fats and oil

  • Fibre: This can be found in fruits such as oranges, currants, pears and also found in vegetables such as onion, corn, broccoli, garlic, green bean, and grains such as cereals. It stabilizes cholesterol and glucose levels in the body. 

  • Water: Water in the real sense aids digestion. It can make food digest so fast and we need it in our body to the fullest. Water is a combination of hydrogen and water. It is so good for the body as the body itself contains 80% of water. 

All these food sources are essential to the body. So, the best thing is to ensure that you eat food to balance up with most of the food sources. 

On Saturday, my friend and I were invited by one of our friends to his father in-law's burial ceremony where they prepared different types of dishes. We were allowed to select any kind of food and were also allowed to eat twice. We could not eat twice but just once because of the qualities of foods shared. 

We were served semovita which was prepared to be used to eat the vegetable soup. It looks delicious and yummy.

My friend ate rice which was mounted with very big meat. It was awesome and indeed, let's inculcate the habit of eating good food.

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Written by   13
7 months ago
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Well explained, you did a good work like a teacher, bring down the different classes of food. Burial food... According to what they say, burial food is sweeter than other kinds.hahah🤣 The big meat on the plate is full blown proof, though I didn't taste it but I know it's sweet

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7 months ago