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2 years ago

I don't know if it is not too late to hop in on the question asked by @Olasquare few days ago in his post.

Why am I so interested in the question?

Just like him, I am not a fancy of trivial questions. Not only that, I took some special features from him as well as my virtual daddy. I love football but not to the extent of playing football as a profession but I love it so much that once I am on the field, eating goes on strike.

Writing is my passion and I have pushed more for writing this year and I am building my name as a content writer in the crypto space and also looking forward to work with project start ups and fintech companies in building solution in the Africa Crypto Space.

My love for writing and enthusiasm for cryptocurrency has pushed me into writing an ebook to help newbies have basic understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain. I am working on the book to include how a newbie can easily identify their strength and earn from the crypto space. It is my own way of contributing to the poverty alleviation scheme.

Back to the question, I will like to highlight what happened in the past.

Pain point in the past

My childhood age was not adventurous and I have been at the center of making decision for myself right from my teen age. Though I was also from a place where parents make decision for their wards but mine was a bit different though there are decision that was made for me but my education has been more of my own decision than my parent. Meanwhile, I and Olasquare are from same state. Just an addition to our similarities.

The pain point that I had in the past was my final result. Have you seen someone graduated with a margin grade? Mine is not even close but a border grade. I graduated with 4.49 and first class starts from 4.50. Do you see the border line grade now?

So if I am to choose, I would have chosen to go back in time with my current knowledge and experience because I will like to change that. I am not bother with it but there are some time when I had missed opportunities because I did not graduated with a first class. Such is life but we can only get from life based on the value we added so if I can add more value to the society than a first class graduate, I can make it far way beyond a first class graduate.

My decision

Let me repeat the question.

"Would You Take 10 Million Naira ($18,000) Now or Go Back In Time To When You Were Younger But With Your Experience Intact?"

I will take 10million Naira now and move on with my current experience.


Going back in time to me is only meant for those that had something that they loved but could not achieve it. I am also grief that I could not make the list as a first class graduate but my course of study is what I wanted to study even though I was persuaded to go to science class after my Junior secondary school but thank God my decision stands.

Right now, I have several ways through which the money can be invested to give me a passive income that will allow me to write not for living but as my passion.

Writing for some people is a skill but for me it is a way of life.

What will you choose between the two if you are asked same question?

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2 years ago


Writing should be part of life. It is the minimum skill a man can have

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