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The spirit of excellence

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3 weeks ago

Last year's youth week was a memorable one. In every year, a week in October is always dedicated to the youths. Every youth week was known to be interesting, but last year's own was spectacular.

The activities performed through out the week was interesting. Below is how it went down.


On the first day of the week, which was Monday, we were lectured on the spirit of excellence.

He defined excellence as Being the best we can be with God’s grace. Daniel was one of the examples he gave us as those who had the spirit of excellence.

Daniel 6:3–4 says " Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm. Then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom; but they could find none occasion nor fault; forasmuch as he was faithful, neither was there any error or fault found in him. He was excellent because he was faithful. He served the people no matter what! Daniel was a leader of excellence.


Pst Mrs Adinya lectured us on the reasons why people don't excel. If you want to be excellent, you must not have the following attributes

  • Selfishness

  • Laziness

  • Disinterest

When we only care about ourself, when we don’t care about other people. If we are selfish and we don't give out to those in need, there is no spirit of excellence. Samson was used as a case study, due to his selfish interest, he couldn't excel.

Whoever has a spirit of laziness also loses his/her spirit of excellence. And also disinterest causes us not to do things with excellence. When we do not have interest in what we are doing, there won't be excellence.


This night we were divided into 3 groups, each groups are to present a song and a drama. We had Team Grace, Team Favour and Team Love. I was in team love, and I'm being honest here, we deserved that win that day because our drama was the best. Other teams were not even surprised when we were announced winners, because they knew we did well.


Our youth pastor decided to take us all to have some fun at Lagos Island. It was my first time being in an island. The cold breeze at the sea, the sun shining while we were eating under the palm tree. We played a lot of games there, we were also lectured there as well. It was fun throughout that day to be honest.


We went to one of our church branches at Ogun state. The road that leads to the church isn't a busy road. If a car was to travel from where we started the race to the church at full speed, the car will use up to 10minutes. We took of from the starting point, some began at full speed thinking it's by who started first. A marathon race is a race of patience and endurance. Only Myself and some few other guys started by jogging, we met those that ran with their whole strength on the way. They were tired already and were walking, we just laughed and continued our jogging. After jogging for about 25 minutes, we could all see the church far away. We were four (4) at the front of the race. Three of them increased their speed, I continued jogging, when I saw the church was now closer, I increased my speed, I got to the end of the race first. The other boys were shocked, because they didn't know how I passed beside them. I came first in a marathon race out of over twenty (20) youths. I was so happy and at the same time tired. After relaxing, they gave us refreshments and we travelled back to Lagos state.

Saturday was a free day. We all stayed at home to rest.


We rounded up the youth week by giving thanks to the one who gave us life. The youth pastor gave the final lecture on excellence and used me as a case study. He told the congregation of the race we ran and said "Abhay won the race due to his patience and endurance, that is a spirit of excellence" He called me out in front of the whole church and presented a gift to me for emerging the winner of the race.

Now you see why I said last year's youth week was spectacular. I'm looking forward to this year's youth week which is next month.

Thanks for reading🙏❤️

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Written by   40
3 weeks ago
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Very nice account of your youth week. It´s good that you immeresed yourself so much that you and your team won. Love always wins, right?!

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3 weeks ago

Most people anticipate the youth week. I hope this year's own is better

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3 weeks ago

This recalls me of my experiences during our youth camp.. We also have activities like this every summer..

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3 weeks ago

Indeed it was a special one. Hopefully this year's will even be better

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3 weeks ago