Who Is Jesus Christ?

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Holy Week, being celebrated by the Christian nations this month of April, made me to decide to write about Jesus Christ. And I entitled it WHO IS JESUS CHRIST?

We all know that Jesus Christ is known in the whole wide world, from the generations in the past as well as in the new generations of today.

To know Jesus Christ , as He should be known, is very important. Knowing Him accdg. to the Scriptures or the revealed written word of God, the Bible, lies the destiny of mankind in eternity. And apart from the Holy Bible, we cannot know God. So here allow me to share what the Bible says about WHO IS JESUS CHRIST?

Why do we need to know Jesus Christ?

  • We need to know Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ is the answer to our human needs of reconciliation to God. We need to be reconciled to God because we were separated in fellowship with God because of sin. We had the sinful nature inherited from our first parents.

  • We need to know Jesus Christ because

    we are condemned and deserved punishment because of our sinful nature.

  • We need to know Jesus Christ because He is the Only Way, The Truth & The Life, no man can come to the God

    Father but by Him alone.(John 14:6)

  • We need to know Jesus Christ because he is the Promised Saviour to save us from our sins. Sin has it's penalty. Somebody who had no sin could only pay for its penalty , which is death, to meet the Justice of God. God hates sin, it is contrary to His nature being a Holy God, so God has to punish sin.

Every human being born into this world, is entitled to know WHO IS JESUS CHRIST. No one should be deprived of knowing Him, because Christ came for every human being , sinners in the sight of God. (Rom. 3:23)


The Bible records the prophecies regarding the birth of Jesus Christ, & many things related to it as becoming the Saviour. It is written in the books of the Old Testament and its fulfilments are recorded in the New Testaments.

Prophecies about Christ and It's fulfillment

Christ's Birth

Prophecy - Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 9:6 Fulfillment - Matthew 1:18-23

Prophecy - - - - Micah 5:2 Fulfilment - Matthew 2:1-6

Jesus Christ is Sinless

The promised Saviour must be sinless in order for him to save a sinful mankind. Only a sinless person is capable of saving a sinful person . It is because he has no sin in himself to be accountable of to be paid. Being sinless , he could take another person's sins and in his behalf he could pay the sins of that person , thus freeing that person from the guilt of sins and for death, which is the oayment of sin.

Jesus Christ alone possessed this needed qualifications to meet the very purpose of being a SAVIOUR. He is born of a Virgin. No human seed brings forth His existence in the womb of Mary, because it comes from above. The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary & she conceived and bring forth Jesus Christ , our Saviour. (Matthew 1:18- 23)

Who Failed To Know Jesus Christ, As God & As Saviour

  1. Primarily the chief priests in the temple , the scribes, the Pharisees who very well know & who claimed to know the Scriptures, failed to discern, acknowledge, and believe , that Jesus Christ is the Saviour. That even until now, there are Jews, or Israelites that do not believe Jesus Christ as the God sent One, the Promised Saviour.

  2. His own people, the Jews or Israelites, majority of them (John 1:11)

  • When Christ make Himself to be known to them as the God sent One by doing miracles like healing the sick, making the blind see, deaf hear, mute speaks, lame walk, freed demon possessed, these religious leaders still doubted and can't believe.

  • When Jesus Christ casts out demons that were possessed by , they accused Him of having the Devil.

  • When Jesus said He & the Father are One, and He forgives sins, they accused Him of blasphemy and sentence him to death by crucifixion.

Who Knows Jesus Christ As God & Saviour

  • Mary

    Obviously Mary knew Him for she was chosen by God to conceive in her womb the Saviour, Jesus Christ

  • Joseph

    God made it known to Joseph by an angel in a dream, so that he didn't forsake Mary to take as a wife.

  • The shepherds who were told by the angels about the birth of the Saviour , and who came where the child was and worshipped

  • The three wise men from the East When they saw the star they search for the child Jesus and find Him , and worshipped and offered their gifts

  • Many more women, like Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus, Mary Magdalene, the Samaritan woman,

  • The 11 Apostles of Jesus Christ

  • Those who demonstrated faith in Him and were healed from their sicknesses , including the centurion a Roman soldier whose servant is sick

  • The crucified theft on his right side who confessed faith in Him

  • There are lots more to mention during Jesus Christ's Earthly Ministry. And many more followed when Christ resurrected from the death and ascended to heaven.

  • The converts at the preachings of the gospel in different places by His disciples which are called Christians, first at Anctioch.

  • Many more became believers of Christ during the missionary journeys of Apostle Paul, whose name was Saul at first, the persecutor of Christians, before he was converted

  • And at the present time , many more believers of Jesus Christ as God, the Son of God, the Only Saviour were added to the New Testament Church that Jesus Christ founded during His earthly ministry , who by faith believed on the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Of

Will you count yourself to be one of those who will be considered who personally know Christ as God, Saviour and Lord of your life today?

Then don't reject Him to come into your heart, to come into your life, showing what He has done for you on the cross of Calvary, to save you from sins. Believe it, and claim it by faith. For as many as received Him by faith, is promised to them the power of becoming the sons of God. (John 1: 12) and having everlasting life (John 3:16) and heaven John 14:1-3.

We have a Living Saviour, and lives forever and ever. He promised to be coming for the second time not anymore as Saviour but as Judge , to judge the world who rejected Him as Saviour , and God.

I just hope You will know Jesus by now As your Saviour and not as Judge.

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All solid except for one thing: there were 13 apostles. Matthew replaced Judas and Paul was the LAZST Apostle. That office has closed.

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2 years ago

The last apostle was Paul . Did Judas Iscariot , the one who betrayed Jesus saw Christ resurrected body, before he hanged himself and died?

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2 years ago

jesus is the only son of God given for the world

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2 years ago

You are right that semana santa is a celebration of the people, and what you said is correct

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2 years ago

Jesus alone is enough to save us, humankind. I love reading your article. Well, of course as a Christian, reading something like this is truly a happiness. Thanks for bringing this article.

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2 years ago