The Difference: Goal or No Goal

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Previous Experiences Points To A Reality

Previous experiences can tell many things that will help us determine the difference of a goal or no goal in life.

Year 2021 has passed, and I believed it has left worth remembering experiences from which we have learned many things.

We are on the sixth day of the first month of year 2022 , January, and I must say, those experiences are still fresh in our hearts and minds that we can recall easily. And recalling them , I think , we can pinpoint a difference basing on the results of our performances in actions & reactions. We can actually see how we ignored or focus or procrastinate on things and opportunities that must have made us productive or must have been profitable if we had aimed or goal for it.

Obvious Results as Failures & Successes Becomes Relevant

Failures and Successes are both results we can find or note as differences in goal or no goal. Not everyone recognized it, or just don't mind it. It is understandable , for people are different in many aspects as human beings. Though we have lots of similarities at some points, but then.we still differs in views and outlook in life, that can be traced back from values learned, education attained, and status in life.

Responses, Directions & Focus Becomes A Determining Factor

I think our responses to any situations in life has something to do with the difference in goal or no goal.

A person respond differently. Some quickly without many thoughts. Whatever pops up in the mind at the moment will cause a person decide at once. To some , they give the benefit of a doubt, being cautious, just to be certain that actions to be taken is safe and secured.

The present life of a person can be traced back from the direction he had been to in the past. The response ones had in any situation directs what path to take that is ahead of him.

And finally, how focus a person is, on the direction he is taking , or has decided to take, determined one's successes or failures.

Goal or No Goal is a choice each one of us will decide facing a new year, year 2022.

We have all the freedom to enjoy and may this freedom lead us to decide wisely. Choose what will work for your own good and enjoyment. Just be a responsible person who freely makes decision and series of decisions in the process of time, the whole year round of 2022.

God Bless Each & Everyone To The Decision To make considering The Difference: Goal or No Goal.

Jan. 6, 2022 - Thursday - 9:44 am

For Readers with Different Language: To Aid in understanding

Glossary of Terms :

Previous - existing or occuring before in time

Procrastinate - the action of delaying or postponing something

Obvious - easily perceived or understood; clear , self-evident or apparent

Relevant - closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered

Hoping this glossary of Terms served it's purpose for you to enjoy reading my post.

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Many people take failure experiences as a bad thing but they don't know that failure experiences may end up being their reason for success in future. Let us hope for success this year.

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