Sunday Worship Service Had Changed

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The pandemic situation had made many changes in the different situations in our lives . To mention some, the educational system as well as the Church' Worship Services system.

Church Worship Services Before Pandemic - Feb. 2019 - Feb.2020

Before pandemic started, I was in Caloocan City. Every Sunday, I am attending the Sunday Worship Service in the Bible Baptist Church of Caloocan , which I am a member of.

When pandemic came , locked down was implemented, so the church was in locked down too .

Church Worship Service During Pandemic - March 2020 - April 2022

As the pandemic cases lower down, the church services were allowed upon observance of health protocol. Certain percentage of people were only allowed to attend services, only the vaccinated ones. But during those times, I was already in Pasay City. I just watch the live streaming of the Worship Services of any Baptist Bible Churches, I followed. Whichever notifies me first , It is the one in which I watched the live streaming of the Worship Service.

Since the time of Worship Services of the said Bible Baptist Churches I followed differs from on another, I was able to watched different Sunday Worship Services at different times.

The MBBE ( Metropolitan Bible Baptist Ekklesia) in Sta. Ana, Pastored BP Beinvenido Abante Jr.

This Church is usually the first one I used to watch the live streaming of Sunday Worship Service, because they start early, and as one of their follower I was being notified when the service starts.

The Zion Bible Baptist Church , in ParaƱaque, Pastored by Pastor Jeremiah Solomon. This Church is the second to notify me.

The Bible Baptist Church of Caloocan, Pastored by Dr. Jericho J. Samson. This Church is the last but not the least to notify me .

Now that I am back to my hometown province, last May 4, I planned to attend , the Bible Baptist Church in Estrella Rizal, Nueva Ecija. This Church, is where I am.attending the Sunday Worship Services, when we settled here in Nueva Ecija 2008. I left it year 2015-2018 when I went to Pampanga.

While in Pampanga, 2015 - 2018 I am attending , Galilee Bible Baptist Church, Pastored by Pastor Jhun Apuyan Pigao.

Comeback - May 15, 2022, To Attend Sunday Worship Service in Bible Baptist Church , Estrella, Rizal Nueva Ecija

I arrived here in Nueva Ecija May 4, as planned, to exercise my right to vote, which I did, come May 9, Election Day.

May 8, Sunday , I wasn't that prepared to attend the Sunday Worship Service, so I did not attend.

Today, May 15, Sunday , I prepared myself to go and attend the Sunday Worship Service. Thinking that it was still the same schedule that they held the Sunday Worship Service, I went there for the Sunday School schedule of 9 am.

When I arrived at the place , the main gate , I used to enter in before was padlocked, but as I peeped in the church' s door was opened, lights off, and can't see no one inside. But then, on the other side gate which was opened I entered in to inquire at the near house which was owned by one of the member. As I was going to it, I heard a music sounded by a piano. So I diverted my steps towards the church building.

As I entered the door I saw few young people in there, which I never saw when I first peeped in. A young boy came near me and I asked him if there would be a Worship Service. He told me the Worship Service had just finished . For they started at 6 am. Another boy came and they told me that they had changed their schedule since pandemic. And they told me just to be back at 5 pm for the Evening Worship Service.

After knowing the new schedule I just went toward the nearby houses of the members in the compound just to say Hello and to let them know I am back. I met seven of the members.

Not having much talked with the three of them whom I met , I go toward my best friend house. I met her mother in law which told me that my best friend was in the farm. She called her grand daughter to take me to the house of her sister which happened to be my godchild in her wedding. It was because I forgot the place where their house is. When we reached the place she left me there and go back home.

We talked quite awhile about the different topics how life had been during pandemic. How God did helped them survived the situation .

Since they had a tricycle , they offered me for a ride back home. They even sent me home two melons which the other one I gave to my sister. And now I am having it for my lunch . It was so sweet. I ate all the whole of it, for my son doesn't like to eat it.

When we arrived at my place , I just told my "inaanak"or my godson in wedding, that I will be going back in Church next Sunday , May 22. He even offered to fetch me on that day for a ride . It was a good offer which I accepted for it is really difficult here to have a ride especially during the early time in the morning.

The Result of the Unexpected Change in Sunday Worship Service

I surely missed a message from preaching of God's word , but I did not missed a time of fellowship with the believers I met as I did not returned home at once when I learned the Worship Service was over.

I just counted meeting and fellowshipping with other believers is a message from God that my fellow believers are still continuing in their faith and practices as a believer and is supporting the work of the church.

In fact the two young people i met , was just small kids the time I was there teaching them in Sunday School. And seeing them both grown ups and are still there continuing makes me happy.

And that of course, encourages me to continue in my faith and practices as a believer as well.

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Sunday Worship Service Has Changed
Published: May 15, 2022

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Covid has affected a lot of things including worship but the good thing is that it hasn't affected our relationship with God.

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The pandemic really changed everyone's lifestyle. Things are just not the way we know them but they are improving. Some are returning to their old ways while others would may not.

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