Possible to gain & possible to Lose

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Have you pondered once in your moments of introspection about your life how things, tangible or intangible can be gained and yet can be lose ?

And upon losing it, you just then realize it's importance and how you have missed the chance of having such good and happy times having it. And regretted that you have not been good enough in handling what you were allowed to have.

Let us try to look at these things that we were allowed to have after much efforts and difficulties experienced and then lost it because of not been good enough in handling it .

The Intangible Things

When we say intangible things these are the things that we cannot touched grasped, having no physical existence.

  • Good Reputation Reputation means the beliefs or opinions generally held about someone or something.

We are social beings and belongs to a society. We mingle and associate with people. Where ever we are or where ever we go , it is inevitable to talk with people interact and mingle with them, for as the cliche says No man is an island.

As we continue to live and exist in this world , what we say or do is something that matters to people especially to us. It is by which people came to know us . It gives them an impression about us. Someone has said first impression lasts. That impression that which people have on us somehow built what reputation we have before them . It could be true or not, but that is how it goes . People judge us according to what we say or do or what they see in situations whatever it may be.

Good Reputation therefore is difficult to achieve. You have to work hard for it, if you want to gain people's approval and acceptance in a society you are in.

A good reputation , I think is essential. Once you gained a good reputation , it will help you as a social being to be accepted and be treated well. And if you wanted to be such acceptance and treatment continue, you have to maintain a good reputation. And your failure to maintain it , eventually will lead you to lose what you have gained. And this is how cruel our society is. One mistake against all the good that you have done is all forgotten. It would be fair enough if you were given a chance to make up for it. But most probably chances are at risks.

  • Respect

    All of us human beings, irregardless of our status in life, gender, and attainment in life, deserved to be respected. We deserved to be treated equally and fairly with due respect to our individual rights.

    In the sight of God , all human beings are the same. God sees us differently but humans like us sees us differently and treat us differently.

Regarding respect, we ought to understand , that though we deserved respect, we cannot demand others to respect us the way we want to. Because respect is gained not to demanded. Human beings have equal rights, but our rights stops when we are stepping on someone else's rights.

We must gain the respect of others in order to get their respect. It can be done by behaving the way we should , treating others the way we want others to treat us. Therefore respect gained respect. And gained respect is lost, when we lose our respect to others.

  • Trust

    What an awesome feeling when someone dear to us or know us,trust us. We feel comfortable being with them and happy. But if someone do not trust us , the feeling is very different and the atmosphere being with that person seems always weird.

    Trust brings confidence with someone. It gives us a safe and comfortable feelings. Worries and anxieties are gone if you are with the person whom you trust.

    Trust is essential in any kind of relationships . Life together with the person or people whom you trust makes your life worth living with them. You get more inspired and motivated in life.

Trust like good reputation and respect is gained from people. People reserved their trust to someone who really deserved it. People are very cautious especially nowadays, for their are so many people today who cannot be trusted. And we cannot blame people if they have such kind of attitude. Many things in life is being compromised if trust is given quickly , without restraint or without certainty.

To gain trust is difficult and takes time.People won't gamble their trust for nothing. They must be certain about your identity, and your reputation . Setting aside your looks, educational attainment, ability and capability. Because nowadays, looks, educational attainment, ability and capability are being used in scams and crimes. Most people lives became miserable , and in danger because they trusted someone who is not deserved for their trust .

Once you have gained the trust of anyone, don't use it for your advantage over them, but nurture it to be more trustworthy. Because if trust is lost you will live a miserable life, you will be unwanted all your life, chances are most probably not granted or is rare to happen.

  • Faith & Hope

    Faith and hope is gained from people whom we trust , look up to and loved. Our preference in choosing them, should still have reservation for ourselves. What I mean by this, is not all your faith and hope be given to humans like us. We should still set aside some trust in ourselves especially to Who is above all. It is because people change with the situations, and so do we. It is God who never change in Who He is , in His Deity and His love toward us. People fail but God cannot.

When time comes that everything has change because if the situations involved gained faith and hope from others is at a lost too. But if you have God with you to whom you put your faith and hope , life is safe and protected here and hereafter.

  • Love

    Love is the best feeling that must be put into action better than words. It must be the basis of all our true intentions in what we say or do, in it's true essence or meaning.

    People can have his or her own meaning or standards of love , or have different ways of expressing it but love in its truest meaning and essence must be responsible, faithful

    selfless, forgiving & not demanding.

Love can be naturally felt, willingly given, and can be learned. Whatever the case may be love has its way through everyone's heart to experience & feel, to enjoy, and to cherish. Once love is gained or received it must be kept, as a precious treasure , cherished as a possession, to make it grow firm and strong, enjoy and not endure.

Love which is not true, won't stand the tests of time in the process of life's journey. It willingly withdrew itself and not stay. The one who truly loves , must just let it let it go, for the one who truly loves sets free and not imprisoned someone who is not happy in a relationship.

Never made a vow of love to someone whom you do not really love for it will be unfair. But and if you vow a vow of love, be sure you are responsible to keep the vow for the sake of the vow made before God and man . Learn to love the person who made you deserved that true love , till death do you part.

Our love as humans have limits . It fails & ends for it is imperfect , because we are imperfect beings. Nevertheless , to experienced it is something worthwhile .

My Final Say

Possibilities of gaining good reputation , respect, trust , faith and hope , and lastly love have the possibilities of losing them too. I can say , it is dependent on us, how to gain it, or lose it as well as it is dependent on us how to maintain it.

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When you have all of them . keep it and maintain it..

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