Is Peace Possible?

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Is Peace Possible? This is a question to everyone who recognizes what does peace means, and everyone who needs and seeks peace .

People around the world facing different situations in life could give different answers to this question. The ways it could be answered depends upon the experiences they had about having such kind of peace that they wanted to experience and had achieved.

There are different kinds of peace. And somehow maybe one of its kind is what you , I and everyone in the world needs.

Peace is a kind of condition in life's situation , being faced by every person outwardly and inwardly.

Before knowing the possibility of peace, let me first give the simplest or the common sense meaning of peace

When we say outward it pertains to the things outside of us. The things we see , hear, and feel around us. The people, the environment , the places , and the nature itself that gives manifestations of what is happening in reality as a sign of peace.

We are a social being, having the five senses, that relates us to people personally in a group, community, or society where we belong. As we communicate and interact our five senses works and make us aware of everything that is actually happening.

Let's take a closer look in our families, at home, where everyone knows each other well enough. Love each other , help each other communicate and interact with one another.

Outward Peace in the Family

We can tell that there is outward Peace when we are all in good terms with one another. No harsh voice is heard because of anger due to quarrelling. No loud shoutings is heard due to arguments. No misunderstandings. Everything runs smoothly & quietly. What you can actually hear were joys of laughter and see happy faces and can feel there is peace outwardly for you are not disturbed but rather feel peace in the surroundings as neighbors.

In such kind of an atmosphere in the home we can say outward Peace is achieved, and peace is possible. But it cannot be guaranteed that such kind of peace is lasting or permanent .

But when something goes wrong within the family says anyone disobeyed, made a mistake or got problems in the house like finances , the outward manifestation of peace suddenly disappears. But it can be a temporary one as long as each member of the family cooperates and unite themselves to solve the problem. But if not, it will continue to ruin the peace which can be enjoyed by everyone outwardly as well as inwardly.

Outward Peace in Community

A community is composed of families ,and each families are neighbors in the community. And every community has its own leaders whom they chose to lead and guide them or govern them for the purpose of having peace and order in the community.

Here in our country, the Philippines, each community is called a Baranggay. Each officials were elected, from Baranggay Captain & Kagawad. There are set rules to govern each Baranggay. It is supported financially by the Local Government to function well. There were Baranggay Tanod assigned to promote peace and order in the community.

Such organization established in the community under the Local Government Unit as per National Government Approval, is to enhance peace and order. By this, we can say that outward Peace is possible because there are those who are assigned to maintain peace and order in the community in case there are problems or troubles happening. We can also say outward peace is possible when the people in the community or Baranggay cooperate with the Baranggay Officials.

Outward Peace in the Church

The Philippines is considered a Christian country because of its beliefs of Jesus Christ and His teachings. With regards to religion, our Constitution which is the law of the land gives religious freedom to its citizens. So we have the right to choose our own religion, or faith and belief.Different churches in the Philippines have their own Rules of Faith and Church leaders. The members of every churches are expected to obey the Rules of Faith. It is the Leader of the Church who is authorize to maintain the peace and order in the church. Though we may say ,church members have the same faith, practice and the same God being worshipped, problems and troubles still exist among members. This is understandable because no one is perfect we are all sinners , saved by the grace of God. But since members have the same faith, practice and the same Lord, outward peace is possible because as believers of Jesus Christ, anyone forgives and forget for the sake of Christ and live for the brethren. The Leader of the Church (Pastor) leads in disciplining the members accdg. to the Biblical Principles and teaching Bible.

Outward Peace in the Government

The Philippines government is headed by a National Leader called the President. He is being elected by citizens if the country who are registered voters only.

We had the Constitution of the Philippines, as the Law if the Land. And according to this Constitution must the President govern the country with its citizenry during his term so with the succeeding President to be voted upon by the registered voters only at the end if his term .

With the strong leadership and united cooperation of the citizens to the authorized personnel assigned by the President himself to maintain peace and order , we can say outward peace is possible to achieve in the country.

But as long as there are those who are rebellious and do not want to be under the rule of law, they are to be chased by authorities to punish according to law. Laws are made for the lawless with its corresponding punishments.

Outward Peace in the World

The world in its broad scope comprises the different countries in the globe. Accdg. to google there are 195 countries in all. And 193 countries are all members of the United Nations.

Google says one of the five aims of United Nations is to maintain international peace and security.

And we can say that the United Nations is trying it's best to achieve this aim . And for now it is actively working out to settle disputes between Russia and Ukraine.

Should there be outward peace between these two countries is what we are hoping to see in the near future and we just hope it will be soon, before many innocent lives be sacrificed.

I still believe outward peace is possible between countries having war as long as there is a concerned organization like United Nations who will meddle between.whose aim is to maintain international peace and security.

Citing the outward peace in the different sectors in the society we can learn that peace is possible but only temporary, because of the differences of attitudes, behaviour , perspective and mindset of every individual or leaders of countries.

What about the other kind of peace? Let us take a look at inner peace. What is it all about.

Inner Peace

Inner peace pertains to something within the person. It has something to do with inner self; the soul, mind and heart. What is happening deep within a person can only be known by the manifestations in his actions or expressed words as he communicates and interacts to another person.

There is inner peace experienced, when their is joy, good mood, expressions of love through kindness, thoughtfulness, understanding , forgiveness and other positive attitudes you can name of. Because such attitudes or behaviour can only be seen from a person who had an inner peace in his soul , mind and heart.

On the contrary, a person with no inner peace , negative attitudes are seen like worried, anxious , fearful, sad , irritable, annoyed , resentful, etc.

Inner peace is possible, because there are people who manifest such positive attitudes that I have mentioned. But sad to say it can be a temporary one. When a person let his soul, mind and heart be affected by outward circumstances that can trigger his sinful nature out of control.

My final say

Everything in this earth is temporary .Everything changes in the process of time. Nothing is permanent.

There is the Only One who never changes and He is God, our Creator. He is our Hope , our Peace and Everything. To have Him personally in our life here will have a taste of temporal peace outwardly and inwardly but as He take us out from this earthly temporary place and temporary body , as true believers in Christ God will give us a permanent place to live in eternity to taste all the heavenly blessings of eternal joy and peace.

My personal thoughts, insights and beliefs.

Thanks for reading.

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2 years ago


Wow, great article. What we all need is peace. Although it can be difficult to obtain due to uncertainties of humans but it foster unity and progress.

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2 years ago

Thanks for reading my article. Yes its difficult to achieve but still possible in a temporary basis.

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2 years ago

Makakaya naman ang Peace if they wanted to have this inner peace ang sagot. Kung ang tao ay may kapayapan sa sarili niya i believe peace is possible. Kasi kung magulo ang isip ng isang tao,gulo din ang hahanapin nito.

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2 years ago

Thanks for reading. You have a point.

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2 years ago

Peace is important everywhere, because when we have peace associated with life, we are willing to do anything. Your article is very good. I learn many

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2 years ago

Thanks for reading. Yes peace can still be possible between men , and we must work for it with God's help.

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2 years ago

As long as there is God, there is peace as well.

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2 years ago

Thanks for reading. Yes I agree, Ad long as we have God in us, He is able to work peace through us with others.

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2 years ago

I don't think peace can rain in the world because as humans, we are all imperfect but there is a place in heaven where there is everlasting peace.

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2 years ago

Perfect & permanent peace cannot be attained in this world and between humans because we are imperfect beings and everything on earth is temporary.

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2 years ago