How Well Do We Know Ourselves & Others ?

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Knowing ourselves and others are possible, especially if we are a person who are friendly and sociable personally and in social media. Usually friendly and sociable people are the most expressive ones in their feelings and actions. And maybe these are what makes them approachable that makes a way for them to gain more friends . The kind of personality they have seems like a magnet that attracts people to them.

Knowing Ourselves is Important

It is more of an advantage for us to know ourselves better than others inside and out. We can protect ourselves from indulging to persons and activities that could possibly harm us.

People can know only some or a little about us by looking on our outward appearance. And by constantly talking or being with us , they will know better. But in the long run not everything will be known.

Knowing ourselves will make us to set our limits for our own good and safety. We will refrain from exposing ourselves to situations that are dangerous to our image, health and too personal concerns.

Knowing ourselves our needs, wants, strenght , weakness, will make us either cautious, careful, and wise in making decisions, that are of major importance in our lives and more so in minor decisions done daily. Minor decisions done daily affects the present as well as our future . We may not be aware of it but it really does , because if getting used to it and becomes a routine. The impact and results of it is only realized when problems comes our way.

Knowing ourselves & others through situations or circumstances

What is in the heart and minds of people , comes out when facing circumstances that are unexpected. During such any circumstances what first comes into your mind is the action or your reaction. With no much thinking, just impulses right away . But having such time to think in that situation, is a different thing.

Even we ourselves , will be surprise that in such circumstances and situations, we couldn't believe that we have done such a thing or have said such a thing. We then realize that we have an ability or capability or do not have it upon experiencing circumstances and facing such a kind of situation.

The same thing applies with the people we know of and acquainted with. Being with them in different occasions or events make us too know them more .

Knowing ourselves & others , through longer time spent together

Time element is one consideration to know a person better and intimately. First impression last as others say, but I say , it is possible to change in some point , in the process of time.

We can only know a little of a person when we only meet them occasionally . But if we are consistently with them , say at work or in school and other activities, we can know them a little more .

Knowing Ourselves and Others , in Different Scenario

Knowing ourselves and others in different scenario, could mean in the most personal or private way. And this kind of scenario could be in a personal , and private relationship which calls for a mutual commitment leading to or culminate marriage.

Through such scenario we can be certain that the possibilities of knowing ourselves and others really happens. The closest , personal, private and intimate relationship ever that everything is probably known.

There might be somethings called too personal secrets that are irrelevant to make a peaceful marriage that could exist, but then it could not be made known for the sake of peace and love to be promoted to a lasting marriage relationship.

But and if both couple are matured enough to make it known, after a long time of faithfulness and loyalty shown within a marriage , then let it be known as part of the past that have long been forgotten and died.

Knowing Ourselves and Others Should Be Taken For Advantage and Not A Disadvantage

What things we were able to know about others should make us to deal with it rightly. Just as we would like others to deal what they have known about us whether it be good or bad , be dealt rightly.

If we consider a person to be treated with respect and honor don't mess around what we have known about them, if we likewise wanted to be treated the same.

If we want to have a good relationship with others whether it be personal, private or intimate, what we know about them should help us adjust to them , or count it as an advantage to deal with them harmoniously. Make your knowledge about them to brighten your fellowship and intimacy with them.

If we want to be happy living with them , after all whatever have known about them whether it be good or bad, accept the person just as he or she is likewise. For no one is perfect .

If we are to meet a person whom we like to be with, after knowing the good and the bad side, try to learn to love , understand and adjust . It will help and change a lot of circumstances and situations to face. It will be handled right.

Always choose what will make you happy . And always do what will please you. You will be most happy and pleased for doing so. Life is to be lived to the fullest. We cannot please everybody. Do do as you pleased.

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How Well Do We Know Ourselves & Others 
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As long as we know ourselves, we are sure of ourselves. so we get to know others

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Tama po napakagandang attitude ang pagiging palakaibigan.

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