Discovering God's Goodness In Travelling Back Home

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The reality is, life is uncertain . You will discover more of its reality as you lived it one day at a time. With God's blessings of life, health, strenght , protection and provisions life will go on as He allows. He will.let us experience His goodness as we trust Him prayerfully.

In this article, I will be sharing the circumstances I experienced before going home in my hometown province, Nueva Ecija. It has long time prayer to God to be home in my hometown province. You' ll.see how God works it out for me.

The Plan of Going Home

  • First Scenario - Plan Came in Mind

Plan of going home came into my mind, when the Alert Level of health Protocol was lowered from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 1, that was March.

  • Second Scenario - The Date Planning

I planned to go home April 30, that was the time , after the Lenten Season or Holy Week Celebration, here in the Philippines. It was before Holy Week that most people from the city are going back home to their respective hometown provinces. It was very possible that time because there were no more strict implementation of health protocols. No more restrictions from unvaccinated persons to travel.

  • Third Scenario - Good Opportunity to Travel

This scenario was carried on, maybe because at that time candidates for the coming election on May 9, were campaigning to different places from cities to different provinces in the Philippines. Having lowered down the Alert Level, people can go out from their houses and can go to public places , only wearing facemasks. Vaccinated & Unvaccinated, from all ages, children, youth , adults can go out provided they will still obey health protocol of just wearing facemasks.

Being aware of such things , the more my desire of going backhome stirred my heart and mind to pursue on my plans. I finally told my son and daughter in law, that I will be going home May 4.

Final Decision of Going Home

  • First Scenario - Final Decision

May 4 was my final decision in going home. I chose this date because May 3 was the date by which I can have my SSS pension. I need money to use for my fare.

  • Second Scenario - Early preparation

That Month of April, I started to prepare the things I needed to take home that there will be nothing in my belongings be forgotten. My son included the kids outgrown clothes and shoes be taken home to lessen and give more space for their drawers .

  • Third Scenario - Money Blessing

My daughter in law was able to be get paid by a relative who borrowed money from her four years ago. That was before she will be giving birth for her second child. And when the child was born only a partial payment was made. And the second child now was having his birthday May 2. And it was a blessing that the full payment was sent two weeks before the birthday.

  • Fourth Scenario - Shopping

My generous daughter in law told me and my son to go shopping. The actual plan was all of us will go, because it was her day off. Since it was Sunday, wherein much people go shopping, my son just suggested Monday as early as possible like 8 am it's summertime the weather is so hot outside .

The shopping time was delayed from early morning it became afternoon. It was because the youngest child was in a good sleep, and we don't want him to be disturbed from sleep, for the child need it much. The child woke up at past 11 am. And we were able to go around 2 pm.

We shop at Two Shopping Center at Baclaran, for it is the nearest place for us , for we lived in Pasay. Besides prices if commodities are cheap whether it be a retail more so in whole sale. We shopped for the two kids ternos for everyday use. For me , my son and grand daughter we bought underwear. We also bought a sandal for my grandson. Then we had a merienda of halo- halo in Chow King and take out a meal for our supper.

We went home safe, still early and satisfied with all the things we bought.When we arrived home my daughter in law has just arrived just minute interval. She did not wait for us too long, just on time. We had the key to the room so we really need to b e home early. Usually my daughter in law arrived from work quarter to six pm. It was a good thing that after having merienda we proceeded to the place where we could take a jeepney for home. And we were able to get a ride not too long.

  • Fifth Scenario - Daughter in law's generosity

My daughter in law ordered for me 6 pcs. of square pants in shopee, in addition to the underwear I bought in Baclaran. She was not satisfied for what I just bought for myself so she added it. If course I was very thankful.

  • Sixth Scenario - Birthday Celebration

May 2, birthday of my youngest grandson. It was a family celebration at Chow King . My daughter in law waited us in Chow King , Baclaran. We had our supper there.

I ordered for myself so as I can avail for a senior discount. Of course I ordered what meal I preferred, beef chaofan with halo halo . My grand daughter also was given her favorite meal ,the CHOWKING Lauriat, because of the fried chicken. And the couple , they preferred the promo.meal good for two, which had 2 chaofan with toppings, , 2 tea, 2 halo halo and crunchies.We were all happy and satisfied with the treat . Unfortunately the birthday boy didn't eat , he just like the crunchy food.

The funny thing was , I was served by my food the last instead of being the first one because I am a senior. I just let them eat first as I waited for mine.

  • Seventh Scenario - Well favored Ride

It was a rushed hour, meaning time when lots of people are on the road waiting for a ride. Knowing the congestion , and taking the main road to walk towards wherever could get a ride my son chose the inner road heading to the main road. We walked a lot but just as we arrived the exact place, a jeepney is coming with no passenger at all. And we were the first passengers to ride on. No hassle in commuting. The driver , drive so fast in such a two way road that scares my daughter Thanked God we were back safe home.

  • Eight Scenario

*SSS Pension Withdrawn

May 3 , schedule of withdrawing my SSS pension . At 9 am my son went to withdraw my pension. I told him to buy my Vitamins, my medicine for high blood pressure, a clip pan and a power bank. He went home with all the things I asked him to buy for me.

*Second birthday Celebration

May 3 , was my grand daughter' birthday. They bought a birthday cake , a chocolate flavored one because it was the kids favorite. And I cooked spaghetti. We just had a cold juice drink. This time my grands son ate of his favorite cake .

  • Ninth Scenario - Goods Blessings

May 3 evening after the birthday celebration my son and daughter in law buy goods for me to take on my travel. When they arrived they gave all what they bought that night. I had biscuits, candy, cup noodles, a bottle of mineral water, tissue, facemasks, and alcohol.

My Going Home Schedule

  • First Scenario - Waking Up

I just don't know if I am do excited or not but I woke up as early as 2 am. And since it was too early, I time of doing my usual tasks. I filled in the container of drinking water. I boiled water for thermos, so as I can bring hot water for my noodles too. My daughter in law gave me a little themos month ago. Then I took a bath and finally have all things put in my baggage. The soap, toothbrush etc.

  • Second Scenario -Going to Terminal

I woke son at 4am. My daughter in law and the kids was still asleep and we didn't disturbed their sleep though my daughter in law with the kids liked to see me ride the bus going home and bid me a safe trip with hugs and kisses.

As I go down and met downstairs the mother of the landlady of the rented rooms, we talked for awhile. Before parting way with her I gave her the last gospel tracts I had telling her it's from my church . It was actually intended for someone or anybody in that rented building whomsoever I will come across with at my departure.

  • Third Scenario - In Five Star Bus Terminal

My son & I arrived before 6 am, but the bus bound to Cabanatuan City has just left. Do we waited for the second bus, and not long it has arrived. My son then put my baggages in the compartment. And he headed back home when I was finally seated at the bus.

  • Fourth Scenario - Pocket Money

The bus still stayed in the terminal, waiting for other passengers. It's quite long waiting. Then at my surprise , my son came in the bus. He told me when he arrived home my daughter in law was already awake and told him to give me my pocket money, and he handed me the money. And I thanked him and told my son to thank my daughter in my behalf.

The delays of my trip was a blessing in disguise. The first delay was I was not able to take the first bus. The second delay was, the second bus stayed too long to wait for other passengers. So I was able to have a pocket money and a time to eat my breakfast too before leaving the terminal.

  • Fifth Scenario - Smooth and Safe Travel

From Pasay Terminal to Cabanatuan Terminal , was a safe travel and I was able to take a ride a jeepney bound to Rizal, which left at once the terminal as soon as I came . The driver did not anymore waited for other passengers. He just picked up passengers as we travel down the road. My travel rom Cabanatuan Terminal to Rizal terminal was quick and safe too.

  • Sixth Scenario - Safe Home

My final ride will be from Rizal to our place , another 15 or more minutes. I just dropped by Chooks to go to have something for lunch and pasalubong sister too.

My travel going back home province hometown was 6 hrs. I left Pasay Terminal at 7 am. and I was home by 1 pm. I thanked God for the safe travel and all the blessings He allowed me to have in being home to my hometown province Nueva Ecija. I was reunited again.with my second son and my sisters after almost three years of being away from them.

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Discovering God's 
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You are very well loved by your daughter in law sis. You are lucky to have her and I am sure she is too for having you as a mother in law.

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