Celebrating All Saints Day

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In different places all over the world , All Saints Day is being celebrated in different ways. Differences were based on culture and traditions people have passed through one generation to another generation.

Practices Observed Before that Ceased Now

There are lots of practices in the past during my childhood days that is not practiced nowadays.

To mention one is what we call in our native tongue "mangangaluluwa". During the evening if Nov. 1, children, teen agers as well as adults will go from house to house to sing songs that pertains to the occasion. They will be given something by the owner of the house, like food or money. It's like caroling during Christmas celebration.

Nowadays, instead of "mangangaluluwa"they are having Halloween Party in school. The children wear costume or wear different kinds of scary masks. They were also given foods .

Another thing is, in almost in every houses , people are busy preparing different kinds of foods. During my childhood days the common foods prepared are different kinds of rice cakes. Now it is not being observed.

Practices Still Being Observed

There are yet practices that are being observed by the new generations and these are the following:

Cleaning the graveyard

This is being done before Nov. 1. People visit the cemetery to clean the surroundings of the graveyard and Repaint the tombs.

Bringing fresh flowers & foods

Rain or shine people go to cemetery to bring flowers and placed in the tombs. Bouquet of flowers are either personally made or bought from sellers outside the cemetery.

Other nationality like the Chinese bring food for their deads . They do other rituals accdg. to their faith & beliefs .

Lighting candles and Prayers

Lighting candles and saying prayers are done by some but not all. It is because of differences in faith and beliefs.

There maybe other things that other people do in celebrating All Saints Day, but what I gave sited are the common practices Observed. Rural and Urban areas may differ in some ways but still it is all about commemorating the death of their dearest loved ones.

How Pandemic Affected the Commemoration of the Deceased Loved Ones

Its been two years that pandemic situation affected the commemoration of the Deceased loved ones. The strict health protocols made by government authorities were implemented in cemeteries. Only few were able to visit their deceased loved ones then. Anyone should be vaccinated before they would enter the premises of the Cemetery. And only a limited number of people could enter in a day.

Lately , there were announcement made in urban areas that strict health protocols will be observed. But as far as here in our place it is not so. Wearing facemasks is still a must.

How I Commemorate Our Deceased Loved Ones

Last October 28, 2022 , I and my younger sister with her husband and son, went to the cemetery to visit our deceased loved ones, four of them buried in the same cemetery .

We brought our personally made bouquet of flowers that I picked from our mini garden and candles. We also brought our cleaning materials for we are going to clean the place.

When we finished the cleaning and placed the flowers and lighted the candle for few minutes we headed back home.

We just lighted the candles but not prayed for their souls . It is because our prayers for them were made when they are still alive . I have done my part of sharing to them the gospel of salvation how they could avail it accdg. to the teachings of the Bible while still they have their breath in them .

Celebration & Commemoration

We may all differ in celebration of All Saints Day & in Commemoration of our deceased loved ones but it's the thought that counts in doing it for our deceased loved ones. We may expressed it in different manners , but the important thing is , we give our deceased loved ones the due respect of their remains as we celebrate All Saints Day and Commemorate their death.

Have a Safe and Memorable Celebration of All Saints Day.

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Every year we do celebraring all saints day, we have time to visit our love ones in cememtery to give time of prayer of there souls, some people do this a bonding moment to see each other but tge essence of nov1 is for the souls that we nees to give prayer

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