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The story behind planting cashew nut tree.

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1 year ago
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A few days ago it rained a lot.  Rain is very important for new trees.  Because when it rains, the weather is cold.  So there is no risk of the tree dying due to excessive heat or sun. The tree gets rain water. Therefore, you do not have to water the roots of the tree every day.  So we decided to plant some trees.  That's why we select some trees.  It takes a while to think about what tree to plant . There is a story behind selecting each tree.  Today I will share one of those stories and tell about the quality of the tree.  Let's start with cashew nuts.

  My dad planted a wood nut tree about 3 years ago  in front of our house.  The problem, however, is that almonds grow very quickly from trees and take up a lot of space.  We planted the tree between the boundary of our house and the boundary of our grandfather's house.  Growing up too fast it crossed the boundary of our house and moved over the boundary of our grandfather’s house.  Although there were no serious problems.  We planted almond trees mainly for beauty and eating fruit.  However, at one time I saw that the amount of fruit is very low and the fruit is not delicious.  Moreover, the tree was yielding much less than we expected from it.  It was getting bigger day by day.  So we decided to cut down the tree and plant another tree.  I will plant a tree there which is small in size.  So we select the grafted cashew tree.  The biggest problem is that cashew grafting is not available in Bangladesh.  So my father brought cashew grafting from our neighboring country India through one of his friends.  To plant the tree , I plant the tree with different types of fertilizers including organic manure. We hope to get a harvest from this tree next year. 

Cashew can be eaten in two ways. The top part of the cashew looks like an apple.  It can be eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable if you want.  And in the lower part there are cashew.  It is suitable for eating after various processes.  Those who regularly eat two to three cashew nuts do not have a deficiency of various nutrients in their body. Cashew are very nutritious.  There is no substitute for cashew to ensure our good health.  Many people say it is a balanced diet.  Because it contains all the ingredients of the food little by little.  For this we have to eat a few cashew nuts regularly.  Studies have shown that people who eat almonds regularly live longer than others and have a lower risk of cancer and heart disease.  Although birth and death are in the hands of God.  Not only this, cashew are also rich in vitamins.  That is why many doctors call it a natural vitamin tablet.

Cashew are rich in potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure. cashew are rich in antioxidants.  It helps to carry out various activities of the heart properly.  So we see doctors say to eat cashew nuts for heart defects.  cashew increase good cholesterol levels and help reduce bad cholesterol levels.  This reduces the risk of heart damage. cashew are not only good for heart patients.  It is good for the hair and skin of people of all ages.  It makes the hair look better and the skin brighter.  Nowadays many people are seen suffering from anemia.  Anemia can have a variety of causes.  However, whatever the cause of anemia, cashew cure anemia.  There are many children whose body bones are not strong. cashew strengthen bones.  Doctors recommend eating cashew nuts to enhance the memory of children and to preserve the memory of adults for a long time.  Cashew nuts are rich in magnesium.  Which is very beneficial for the teeth.  Retains the brightness of the teeth.  Tightens teeth.  Moreover it helps in preventing infectious diseases.  So if someone is a victim of infection, you can eat cashew nuts.  cashew are rich in antioxidants.  It protects the eyes from light rays.  Increases the brightness of the eyes.  Prevents cataracts.  Eyesight lasts a long time.  Those who are a little obese can eat two to three cashew nuts a day to lose weight.  This will help you lose weight.  cashew also contain a lot of fiber which helps in relieving constipation, flatulence, indigestion etc.

I have known the benefits of cashew nuts for so long.  Now know how to get the most benefit from playing cashew nuts.
cashew should be soaked in water the night before.  Then you have to eat on an empty stomach in the morning . Before eating cashew, you must drink a glass of water . This helps the almonds to do more

There is an apple-like fruit on the top of the cashew. that has rules to eat.  You can eat it raw with salt and pepper.  And if you want, you can use it instead of vegetables in curry .  But if you don't like sour in curry, don't use it in curry.  Because it tastes a bit sour
So far today.  Everyone will be fine.

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Written by   9
1 year ago
Topics: Stories
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