This is the third cycle for women, after puberty and the time of childbearing. Its name means “moon pause” — the final long pause in the monthly moon cycles.

✨When a woman has not experienced a period for one year, this means that the ovaries are not producing eggs and have greatly slowed down production of estrogen.

✨During post menopause, there is a slow, gradual decline in the sex hormone levels, eventually reaching a very low and stable level.

✨During menopausal issues may arise, menopausal crisis. Other symptoms experienced can be as diverse as heart palpitations, depression, more frequent vaginal infections, chronic night sweats, nervousness and anxiety, irritability, anger, fatigue, insomnia, aching joints, headaches, weight gain, and mood swings.

A good diet will go a long way toward stabilizing symptoms.


Cut out or considerably reduce the amount of coffee, tea, alcohol, sugar, as well as foods with chemical and steroid additives.

🚫Weight gain or loss is often associated with menopause. Thinner women will not be as able to produce estrogen as plumper women. Body fat helps to produce estrogen; therefore eat well and keep to a healthy weight.

☑️ Increase your intake of whole grains, including rice, millet, oats, barley, If the adrenal glands are healthy, they will take over estrogen and progesterone production at a low rate.

✔️ In addition, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Lots of sprouted seeds, along with tofu and other Soyabean products, will also help, garlic, and bananas.

All of thesefoods are rich in natural hormones.

Finally, Increase in the intake of water is very necessary for skin care. Fruits like Carrot, bananas, watermelon helps too. And don't forget to take rest when necessary.

Menopause period can be disturbing especially emotionally, but it all depends on how one see and handle it.

Just eat right, take care of yourself and you will fine.


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