What drinking cold water does to the body is unbelievable😑.

The weather has really been abnormal and during those hot days coming home and directly heading to the fridge for a cold water as a relief from the scorching heat outside is what we do most often.

During those heat period drinking ice water can be very dangerous.

At 40 degrees C° if you drink ice water in an instant the micro blood vessels could explode.

During a hot weather when you get into a room temperature atmosphere, you need to wait for some minutes to allow the body adjust to the indoor temperature, taking an ice water at that moment could be health hazardous cause of the rapid contraction of the blood vessels.

Water ice water does to the body.

✓Ice-water can cause the blood vessels to shrink and this can slow down the process of digestion. A rapid contraction could lead to a stuck.

✓Ice-water rubs the body of nutritent

During the body temperature at 37°c taking a drink lower than the body temperature will make the body to spend up the body energy thereby spending more energy to regulate the body temperature this could lead to insufficient energy for proper digestion of food, and in proper digestion rubs the body of nutritent.

✓drinking ice-water decreases the heart rate, this is because cold water stimulates the vagus nerve.

✓Taking ice water could lead to sore throat or cough, taking ice water leads to the congestion of the respiratory tract which makes it exposed and becomes vulnerable to various infection and increases the chance of getting a cough or sore throat.

✓ ice-water tastes better than just cool water especially after a work out. However, most health experts discourage people from drinking the former due to the fact that it may cause an “internal shock” to the body organs. Therefore, to be on the safer side, it’s advisable to drink room temperature water right after a workout.

There are many disadvantages of taking ice-water on a hot day.

*****🎀However it will feels nice to take a cold water to cool off but avoid gulping the water, drinking it slowly could be less harmful.

Your health matters

Have a great day 💕??


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