Marhaba, Marhaba, Malek Bhai Zindabad. Everyone cheered for Malek, then tied up the smuggler Yunus Ali and took him away.

Hobi Mollah was watching these shoots from a distance. He is a good friend of Ikram Ali. He immediately went and informed the news to Ikram Ali.

Ikram Ali's assistant is Yunus dealer. He has been in the jute business for a long time. His smuggling goes with the jute business. Lately his smuggling has trembled terribly. With the help of Ikram Ali and a few others from the village, his courage increased tremendously.

However, as Ikram Ali continues to smuggle openly, no one can speak against him - Yunus is not a trader, he is secretly smuggling under the guise of his jute business.

He secretly took the mouthfuls of thousands of people under the jute gate across the border, brought piles of paper printed in the form of piles of money and bought with those worthless paper piles for ten times the price of a piece. The country's resources are on fire. Those who are black market profiteers, they buy things for one taka for ten taka, and all those people who are civilized and calm look like they have lost their way, how can I save my children.

Ikram Ali is not afraid of public smuggling, he has a reason. The reason is that he himself is the head of the village and the people of the government are all his friends and get their help. Therefore, Ikram Ali's formidable courage, no one will dare to harm him.

Malek Mia was barely eating rice when Ikram Ali came and stood in front of him. Says in a solemn voice – Malek; I heard that you encouraged the young boys of the village to punish Yunus dealer? Your competition is increasing day by day, Janis Yunus dealer whose man?

Nato Malik I don't know anything.

I don't know. Ikram Ali was severely reprimanded. He threw a plate of rice in front of him and threw it in the yard - which, I will not let you eat today. You are ruining the boys of the village. Beware, I will never do that again!

Hobi Mollah left the yard a little earlier remembering Malek Mia. Understand that he has said everything.

Ikram Ali left from there.

Malek Mia drank a glass of water and stood up. Suddenly Malek Mia's eyes went to one side of the yard. Pink is standing, tears streaming down her face.

Malek Mia went home and lay down on the bed. He thinks a lot of things - even though he is starving, he is not in pain, because he has a habit of enduring hunger. Thinking, the money taken from Ikram Ali yesterday is in the puntlet. He has to distribute the money among the poor villagers. Malek Mia was thinking about how he would use that money.

Suddenly the ringing sound of bangles reached his ears.

He realized that pink had arrived, so he lay down quietly.

There is no one but pink, he came and stood on his head, softly called Malek Bhai, Malek Bhai,… .I have heard everything, I have seen everything. My father-in-law is not a human being, the animal has thrown food in your mouth. What wrong have you done, brother Malek?

This time Malek Mia sat up and said with a pale face - I am ruining the young boys of Hazra!

What did you do, how did you ruin them, brother Malek?

6 with good advice.

People are ruined if you give good advice, I have never heard of it, brother Malek?

Yes, those who are dishonest think so. Honest deeds or honest words are bad for them, you know?

I know, brother Malek, you can never ruin people. You yourself are a great man.

Say it, don't be angry with it. Look, I brought your food. Pink puts out a plate of food from the floor of the area and puts it in front.

Malek Mia said - did the same, all your food for me?

Eat Malek brother, you eat. No matter how hard you work all day, don't be late.

And you?

I have food.

It doesn't happen, you eat something, then I will eat.

No, you eat first, I'll eat later.

Necessarily Malek Mia played, the rest was covered in the area and taken to the pink inner city.

Malek Mia thinks, what a great woman this pink is. Dayamaya meh full of life. Lively love but she is helpless today. She never got her husband's love, nor will she. A life will thus be exhausted. If he hadn't come to this Hajra village, or got acquainted with her, then maybe he wouldn't have to think of anything for her today. Today, his biggest thought is to get rid of pink.

Malek Mia was sitting on the river bank in the evening, suddenly someone called from behind, Malek brother!

Malek Mia looked back, he saw Makhlechur and the cold coming towards him. They also have a daughter with them.

They came and stood in front of Malek.

Makhlechur said, "Brother Malek, you are sitting here and we went to look for you at Mr. Ali's house."

Malek Mia smiled softly and said - there was no work in hand in the evening, so I came and sat on the river bank. You sit next to me.

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