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Seventeen years old while traveling in a houseboat on the Ganges A girl has disappeared. Police have launched an investigation.

That's all there is to the news. At first I didn't think about it. Suddenly I remembered, the barinas were walking in the Ganges at that time! Can the girl be Bhaswati? Evil thoughts do not want to go away once they get it. I tried to catch Barin on the phone to remove it. The phone is switched off. The rest of the way was cut in a bit of anxiety. I got home at half past nine. I saw the lock hanging in Barin's apartment. When I was going up the stairs, Vijaybabu was coming down. It is clear from the look on his face that a storm has blown over him.

Seeing me, he stood on the second floor landing. "Her name is Gay, have you heard?"

"Bhaswati?" Came out of my mouth.

“No. Missing! ”

"You mean missing?"

Vijaybabu was in a hurry, going to open the shop. All I knew was that the girl was reading a book at the back of the launch just before midnight on Saturday. When Vijaybabu went there shortly after, there was no sign of him. Vanessa!

Many questions were running through my head. But Vijaybabu could not stand.

I asked, "Is Deepaboudi at home?"

He got down and said, "His name is Gay, and he and Barin have gone to Durgapur for three days for a training program."

I entered the apartment with a scattered mind. Bhaswati's face was floating in her eyes again and again. I saw him for a while, but his face was very clear. Sheila and Shekhar-da are definitely distracted. I remembered that I had promised Sheila that I would tell Pramatha about her brother. That must be the last thing in her mind right now. Still I called Pramatha. I would love to talk to someone. No first, Akenbabu picked up the phone.

"How are you sir?"

"Not good."

"Why sir?"

"A girl I know has suddenly disappeared from a houseboat while sailing the Ganges."

Akenbabu could not catch my word. "How far did the boat go near the sea?"

"Oh no, nothing happened to the boat. Only the girl has disappeared from the boat. ”


“God knows. Maybe suicide. Another possibility is murder, unless accidentally falls into the water. ”

"Everything is possible, sir, if you think she's dead."

"What does that mean?"

I mean, sir, missing is possible for other reasons. Maybe the girl ran away with someone. ”

"How is it possible, in the middle of the Ganges?"

"When did it disappear, sir?"

"At midnight."

"Was the boat moving?"

I don't know, but maybe not that night. ”

"It simply came to our notice then. Someone came in the houseboat and put the boat, and the girl got up and left. ”

"If she wanted to escape, she could have run away from home!" What does it mean to escape from the middle Ganges with such difficulty? ”

“Good point sir. However, in this case, the police may not do much investigation. If the body is not found, it will be found floating in the water. ”

Of course I didn't think from this angle.

"But in this way, anyone can abduct the girl alone!"

"Yes, sir."

"Then another possibility increased?"

"It has increased, sir."

Very troubling… and if there is a murder, then someone who was on that houseboat must have done it. Everyone knows each other. ”

"Why are you so worried right now, sir? The police must be investigating."

“I am taking it. You all know people, do a little research? ”

Ekenbabu once worked for the Calcutta Police for several years. Now of course associated with the Department of Criminology at New York University, Guest Lecturer. Do some spying on the side. He also has good communication with the New York Police Department.

"I'll find out when you're so upset, sir."

“Thank you. Good thing, tell Pramath to call me. A boy is going to study at our university. If you need any help, just look. ”

"Who is the boy, sir?"

"The girl who can't be found is her uncle."

“Give me the name. I will see if necessary. ”

I said with the name, "Thank you, you are a busy man."

"What did he say, sir, son of Calcutta, I can't see him?"

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