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Option Trading the biggest Scam of Financial Markets I know that sounds shocking to some, but I would like to alert you all if you are planning to put your investments in options trading. One thing you all must know that Option trading is the biggest scam.

We usually get so many ads these days about binomo, IQoption which use to claim that you can earn millions with startup investment like with $100 or more & you just have to bet crosses like Euro, pound & even cryptos & the result will be there in 1 minute to the time period you select.

As a trader, I always take a trade once or twice a month & you can never look to trade more than that if you want stable income or looking for a career in trading. Short term profits are usually taken away in one trade & once you make a bet a in options you have no choice to reverse your decisions and specially on 1 minute chart.

You must use your brain as brokers in options have all the data feed of longs and shorts. They don't provide data feed directly to exchanges for that short period of time & hence they move the pair in opposite direction of more favorable bets. I will cover more articles on option trading scams and will advice everyone to stay away from option trading and start normal trading and work on your Risk management & build skills and take your time testing strategies that work in longer time periods.

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@Aman posted 5 months ago