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Those of us who live in the village suffer a lot in the summer. Although it is much hotter in the city than in the village. Yet they get electricity in the summer. Most people in the city use AC But the people of the village do not get electricity during hot weather. The people of the village get electricity for only a few hours in 24 hours . Load shedding is very annoying for me. Electricity is supplied to the town by taking electricity from the village power line. I live in a village. I have IPS in my house . The condition of the electricity is so bad that the IPS cannot charge properly. As a result, we are spending a long time without electricity . The power lines of our WiFi providers are different. When there is a connection in their line, there is no connection in our line. If there is a connection to our line, there is no connection to their line. As a result, we can't use WiFi . All in all, it is an unsettling situation. It is very hot at night . I can't sleep at night because of the heat. And I can't go out during the day because of the hot sun . Only God knows when we will get rid of this problem.😓

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@ABIR31 posted 1 year ago