I have written two articles upto this point and while they were researched about before writing but they were more based on observations or speculations I made. But, I am thinking this might not be the direction I wanna go in. Now, I am thinking of going in the direction of either writing deep research-based posts on topics like recent trends or a certain business or business model. This or either on the direction of more technical stuff like how things work like cars, planes or more theoretical things like physics, chemistry, biology etc. And explain them .What would you guys like more? Suggest some opinions. Take a look at my other articles if you think they are good and to get an idea on my writing style.

  1. https://read.cash/@Moronuttom/noisecash-a-rival-candidate-for-twitter-reddit-e4c172af
  2. https://read.cash/@Moronuttom/cryptocurrency-and-personal-health-ba274636
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@Moronuttom posted 2 years ago


If you like both, go in both directions, evolve your writing in both. Don't limit yourself too much. If you are to write here regularly for a long time, you will need more than one style or topic in order not to start repeating yourself too much. Above all, write what you enjoy to write; that will become best, and also be the most enjoyable for the readers. If you don't have a passion for the topic, it will also become boring to read.

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2 years ago

Yes, thank you. I have been thinking of writing articles where I have some more in-depth knowledge and very passionate about.

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2 years ago