Embracing yourself for who you are is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. You are unique and special, you are God’s unique creation and there is no one in this world who can be like you, not even your own children.

We all have our own unique nature which is the result of our mindset, our incomparable and unequalled experiences. Our matchless way of looking at different events of life and the kind of meaning we associate to every moments in life.

We totally forget that we are complete, enough and whole in ourselves. In the pursuit of being perfect and being like someone else, we totally forget our true nature. We forget who we truly are because sometimes we get embarrassed by ourselves.

God has given us only one face, but we have created another one for ourselves in order to belong, to match to an unrealistic expectations of society, to be perfect.

In order to feel important, needed and valued we hide our true feelings, we suppress ourselves to an extent of being nonexistent, where nobody cares about our feelings including us.

Faking can never give us true happiness and confidence. Only when we stand by our true nature and respect ourselves for who we are, we actually be genuinely happy.

Be yourself because your are irreplaceable.

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@M-Tahir posted 2 years ago