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It has been very hot for the last two days. The highest heat of 2021 seems to be right now. Many people planted some new trees in their house. They were some fruit trees and some wood trees. Unfortunately most of the trees have dried up due to the intense sun for two days in a row. Now surely you can guess how hot it was. I was forced to take a bath twice yesterday. Because suddenly the storm arose. The storm damaged the power lines. That's why there was no electricity last night. The body was getting restless with sweat. So i took a bath again. It's not just people who are restless in such heat. We have fish fishery. I have been watching the fish in the pond floating since yesterday. Because there is an oxygen crisis in the pond. To make up for the lack of oxygen, I am keeping it with oxygen tablets. I don't know when this heat will end. A few days ago we planted several fruit trees. The weather seems to be so hot that the trees will not survive. I am watering the trees every morning, afternoon and night. three times a day. Let's see what happens in the end. Pray for me.

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@ABIR31 posted 1 year ago