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Delete I Can’t.

There is that mindset of discouragement that we have which normally spoil and kills energy.

You may have the strength and ability to do something but once you start feeling you can’t do it then you have reduced your effort to work.

You must be courageous believing you can do anything.

Things you can’t do are things that aren’t created by humans. In as much as that was created by a fellow being definitely you can do it’s.

Never let anything discourage your energy.

Erase the word can’t from your survival calendar.

Challenging yourself wouldn’t kill you it’s might lead to mistakes but that’s part of learning.

It’s might lead to pressure and tiredness but you can’t really achieve if you can’t endure whatever process involved.

Work hard and believe there is nothing you can’t do.

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@Saviouressien posted 1 year ago