I've been so busy and i don't know if 24 hours a day is enough for me to do all the tasks that is need to be done. Anyways, I was able to survive the first semester as a 4th year student and I hope that I am willing and able to finish my practicum this coming semester. Also, I heard about @TheRandomRewarder giving his last tip, it is all thanks to the bot and to you guys for the support that I manage to save some money somehow and invest to make my crypto portfolio grow. :)

I just hope to have some time and interact with you again. How are you by the way? How's the preparation for Christmas and year-end party? Did you get the bonus or the 13th month pay you deserve? are you celebrating holidays with your family? Are you okay? are you feeling tired and exhausted? or happy and excited? I still have more questions to ask but I don't have enough time, I need to sleep now and wake up early tomorrow. Let me know your answers in the reply section.

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@carisdaneym2 posted 9 months ago


hello dear I did not receive my 13th salary because I did not have a job. Are you happy, I'm not a pattern. But I'm a little excited. I hope I'm with someone this year ahahhahaha how are you

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9 months ago

invest to make my crypto portfolio grow. :)

Sana all nag grow 'yung portfolio 😂

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9 months ago