Scorpion Venom: A New Cure for Treating Brain Tumor

In the field of medicine, brain surgery is considered as one of the most delicate operations, which is performed by surgeons. But with the help of latest research it has been found that this job is no more difficult as physicians soon could be able to paint tumors that will help in increasing the visibility of tumors. All this would be possible with the help of nature's deadliest venoms of Scorpions. Since ages doctors are removing cancer, which is the only way to remove it. No doubt, dealing with brain tumors is often tricky as the surgery can be difficult; it requires an expert eye and steady hand to remove all of the cancer. After decades of intense research, scientists are successful in developing a molecule that illuminates cancer cells, which is developed by using scorpion venom. This molecule will surely help surgeons navigate delicate brain operations. Dr. James Olson is the man behind the development of the molecule which will turn tumor cells radioactive. Once he was questioned about his future plans by one of his professors then he told that he wants to deliver light to cancer which means that he wants to develop something that helps in making cancer cells shine so that they can be easily identified. The goal behind creating the molecule is to navigate tricky tumors-removing surgeries in real time. Not only was this the main purpose of the creation but also it is developed to guide new therapies for breast, brain, skin, prostate, colon and other cancers. The scorpion venom connects itself to cells that are not healthy and provides surgeons a "flashlight" to identify the tumorous cells, which eventually make it much easier for them to perform the surgery. The occurrence of brain tumor and intracranial neoplasm is associated with the formation of abnormal cells within the brain. However, there are two main types of brain tumors, one is malignant or cancerous and the other is benign tumors. Almost all types of brain tumors develop certain symptoms that vary according to the part of the brain involved. The symptoms include vomiting, headaches, problem with vision, seizures and mental changes. The causes of majority of brain tumors are still unidentified. However, some risk factors may occasionally be involved which include ionizing radiation, Epstein-Barr virus and number of genetic syndromes such as exposure to the chemical vinyl chloride. For the treatment of tumors several things are used in combination such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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This will be a good news for the surgeons, if the tumour becomes more visible and conspicuous. That'll make the removal process easier.

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