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By conducting online surveys, you can earn extra cash in a variety of ways. You will be compensated by these businesses for your time and input. It is even simpler for users because many of them have app versions of their platforms. While watching TV each night, you could fill out a few surveys to get money while lounging on your own sofa. ideal for parents whose children sleep upstairs. YouGov should be your first port of call, but don't forget to look into Swagbucks and Prolific as well.

One shift per week at a second job may easily get you the extra £50 you're after if you can manage to leave the house. This can involve stocking shelves at a supermarket or taking orders and delivering meals at a nearby eatery. As everything's getting more expensive but your primary job's pay stays the same, this extra shift could literally save your life. The gap can undoubtedly be filled with it. The best way to make an extra $50 each week is to take on a second job.

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