It is very clear that money is needed for day to day activities and hence the need for income. I have come to understand that working hard is good in order to increase income. The power to make wealth or increase income is inherent in everyone but being able to push it out requires guidance, wisdom, focus, and understanding.
When I talk of working hard, is not meaningless labouring and struggling that at the end of the day you could not even eat enough, but having a focus, concentrating on it ,bringing in available resources like partners, skills, dedication, team spirit, generosity, patience, time target, pulled in cash from sources, in other to make it happen. Sometimes we are worried about how to generate money not knowing that we already have means of doing so if we can only carefully look around us and search our inside. There are things we can do and we can never know our strength until we step out and look inwards.

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@Pamex44.BCH posted 1 year ago