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How are things with you guys? Hoping you are all well and in really good shape despite of our very unpredictable weather everyday. It's better to take vitamins and be hydrated always to avoid being sick especially during this times that seeking medical attention is a bit difficult. Well as for me here, I am good only that I have been very busy since yesterday because me and my younger sister will be taking a scholarship exam this coming Friday. We always grab opportunities like this because if given a chance that we may be able to have it then it would really be a big help to lessen the burdens of my parents for our tuition fees. My younger sister is an incoming Grade 11 while I am a incoming Grade 12. We all know that education in our country is a bit expensive although we are very grateful of the subsidy given by the government but it would be a lot better you are 100 % scholar so you will no longer think of your tuition fees and other fees. All you need to do is study your lessons well. Even if I used gadgets, watch Kdramas and all, I would always see to it that I finished my school task first. I always put some time table with every subjects that I have and review it everyday because I don't want to cram when exams comes. Guys particularly students like me, we should always put in mind that our parents sacrificed a lot and they never get tired of doing it everyday because they want us to have a good school and a good education. Let us also repay them by doing good on our studies. Our parents only think what is better for us. They don't ask something in return for their hardship. Seeing us doing good in our studies are enough reasons for them to be so happy. As the saying goes poverty is not a hindrance to success. So we better have our initiative, look for some opportunities, aim high and most of all keep the faith.

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@JulianaF posted 10 months ago