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My eyes, my eyes, see just the

Totality of this second.

At the point when authority of performing various tasks

Is the absolute best sonnet this man ever

Written with his total,

Of which not word endure

For its implicit quiet was its wonder.

My minimized with you is to

remind all of us, through

music, move, words and love,

This is the main minimized

with the intensity of human law.

Consider me tissue ****,

Consider me blue packaged,

Red tore in two,

The pleasantness attributed to my affection verse,

A deduction of the sharpness of a bombed life.

Colorist of my creases, my woven words,

I am white now, my canvas finished,

Trusting that another artist will compose over it,

What's more, affixing new words whatever was earlier write

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@mhailine16 posted 1 year ago