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Alright guys, found another valid mining site which mines Litecoins. Just put in your LTC id and it starts mining

I'm using the free version, you can give it a shot as well

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@Joyouscoyote posted 1 year ago


thse guys are scammers, i used the free version for five days, and its worked then i upgraded to the premium version for 55bucks and a few hours later when i tried too withdraw, it was giving me an error saying you cant request a withdraw on someone elses account and now im in super trouble because i kinda of used all my savings including my next months rent, im screwed big time but that happens in life sometimes, anyone willing to help me raise 70 dollars for my next month expenses please donate to any of my crypto addresses, thanks i really i need assistance from this community guys. @Mila you might be familiar with this kinda of a feeling, getting scammed sucks.

Here is my crypto wallets :

Bch : bitcoincash:qzfkg8h0tyg3dxcljlshvrhq27lfjsc0zuzfz6fldk

BTC : 13GyRMt5e7tobSdwN3gnyyfqx3VmS87Np4

ETH : 0xde90c60Ba8e416D0be80899B9A616f7Ee108e906

litecoin: LRqNf9mdTUPGfzQzSmfkm1s7FJorKRtKKs

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1 year ago

@joyouscoyote just know that i don`t hold you accountable for this but you try to help as little as you can by tipping me, thank you.

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1 year ago