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I'm really so hope less I stop writing here because nobody else noticed my work especially the robot he really don't tip me for almost 2 months... 😭 😭 😭 😭 I don't know how to make it back again that he will give me some tip for my work 😭😭 it seems my work is useless my articles are very useless, it's make me down... 😭

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@Kloverztel28 posted 3 months ago


Do you have any idea what went wrong? When it went wrong? You need to be active, write once a day or every second day, read and comment. You can use to promote yourself.

If that don't work and you not already have more than one account or more people use the same IP you can try a new account, new name, new niche and see if that works.

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2 months ago

I started to love because its not hard to do and its not hard to earn there. Why dont you try it?

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3 months ago