After a huge dump for all coins last week, finally pionex slowly show the greenish moment in most of coins and my favorite which is very also slowly making more return to my investment.

If you are frequent investor, you will know that recently there are bunch of new coins that are showing a good momentum in a short period such as, dot, sushi, yfi and many more. This is the coin that mostly I missed out as all my investment in pionex is in buy action when the price is dump. So when I jump out on a red zone, then I am surely loss a lot. So I have to wait for my fund turn green again before I can make another move.

So for past few weeks I am missing others opportunity to earn.

For next session, I will turn off all bot after all turn green in ideal earning and then will see what I can do more I'm future to earn faster as I need more money to survive. Lol.

For those who wanna earn short term investment maybe can look into recent new coin as the pump is significantly fast. Of course this is not financial advice, all is on your own risk.

How your trade? All good?

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@bboyady posted 3 years ago