Just Info:- Guys, Generally we are using Smartphones where we need to download Wallet Apps in order to Store, Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency. But, what about Blockchain Smartphone. Have you heard it?

The Blockchain Smartphone gives us access to all these functionality with having abiltiy to store Private Keys or Seed Words for the same and built-in crypto currency wallet. It functioned like a regular smartphone that we use but come with cutting edge technologies.

Literally, 'Data' of evrything we do like browsing, calling, texting etc is decetralized and you are the owner of it. Full Privacy enabled. In fact, some Blockchain Smartphone has the resources for running as Full Node. Example of Smartphones:- Block On Block (BOB Smartphone), Samasung Galaxy S10, HTC Exodus etc.

Be ready for Blockchain Smartphone (these will be going to next revolution in Smartphone industry- My Opinion Only).

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Thanks for sharing your opinion

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