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Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Today i am so much happy. I completed my two month journey on readcash. I wrote total 20 articles and i got 36 subscribers and 5 sponsors. I am Very powerful to all of you for your support and encouragement. That is the reason i am still writing here.

Unfortunately, i am very disappointed from behaviour of @TheRandomRewader he still didn't visit me. When i made account he visited my two articles but later maybe he is forget to visit me. I have questions ! I spent two months here and working hard. Believe me i always took 5 hours minimum to write a productive article. But my misfortune i didn't get response from ruty. Is am a bad writer? Should i quit writing? Because after two months spending on your website but no out put. It make me disappointed.

Please! Stop judging me and please visit my articles now a days i am going through a bad time i need your attention. Thanks if you are visiting my post. Looking forward.

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@Aasii posted 2 months ago


Instead of crypto update write About your real life stories rusty will surely visit you

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2 months ago

Oh okay i will let see.

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2 months ago