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Hi Bitcoin Cash HODLers, me (mscryptoph), Lerkfrend and MoregainStrategies had a discussion before about having a Bitcoin Cash Mascot. We can't decide which one so we are asking the community through survey about your thoughts and ideas regarding the animal that best represent Bitcoin Cash.

There are two current options, but you are not limited from proposing other mascots, just write your suggestion on others. Please note that this is not approved by BCH, or This is a simple initiative of ordinary holders and users who believe in Bitcoin Cash. The survey form can be found here:

We also request that you renoise and share this so that we could reach a lot of the community members so that it is really the community who is making the decision. Thank you and let us go to the Moon together! Love Bitcoin Cash!

Just reposting also here some great ideas of Lerkfrend about what makes a great crypto mascot to guide you in thinking for a mascot for BCH:

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@cryptoph posted 1 month ago