This morning I got a notification from @leofinance post on Twitter about the staking APR. I am excited to see the amount of the staking return and decided to stake all my liquid Leo.

Since Leo is started since the established of steem engine and now is hive engine, Leo started from scratch and the price of Leo is only a little amount and now the price is higher than Hive itself.

I am also love the ecosystem of Leo and now you also can use metamask to post and do more activities on hive and Leo blog.


Slowly I will started to post in LeoFinance and engaging in LeoFinance and hope for bet return. If you have Leo on hand, let's stake and grow this together. Cheers.

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@bboyady posted 3 years ago


yes , leo has got invention to merge with metamask which i think outstanding among hive dapps. :)

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3 years ago

Exactly bro

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3 years ago

Yes. Really great move

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3 years ago