As usual morning routine would be checking some updates and saw this on Twitter. Leo finance is talking about @themightyvolcano is staking 235k Leo!!!

This is absolutely exciting because since I started joining Steem and then move to Hive, there are huge development on going and one of the great development is steem engine and now is Hive Engine. With the started of Hive engine, a lot new things and development also following and one of that I saw the future of it is Leo finance for sure.

Since it started until now, Leo token price is really surprisingly high and can say is higher than Hive and HBD itself. This is really one of the things I truly believe it will go far. So that recently I also started to posting in Leo regarding my trading experience.

You can read @themightyvolcano full post below about his staking

The Time For Leo is Now

Since there are whale is believing it and staking huge amount of coin, so me and you as a plank is no reason to not believe in it. Lol. So now I am absolutely true believer of Leo.

Cheers for the great weekend guys.

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@bboyady posted 3 years ago