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Bitcoincash has a bright future and it's making progress day by day. I believe BCH will touches the sky soon. We should work together for the promotion of BCH ❤️ Our BitcoinCash chamber is growing we are getting closer to the 2k users but also spammers are getting in they are regular users like you and I but the problem is that those users instead of posting interesting messages they just post spam.

Because they think they will get rich by producing as much content as possible they start spamming the chamber, but at the end of the day they post things that are not even related to your chambers name. I am pretty sure there is a chamber for food, so why not post there instead of BitcoinCash chamber. Very simple those spammers want to get the free tips.

The only way to fight this is if we all get together and start ignoring those spammers, as a matter of fact everyday when I open my noise account and go to my favorite chamber I have to start the day with ignoring up to 30 spammers. This will be the only way to stop this madness. Look even the faucet was stop because of the same issue.

Do you want the same thing to happen to noise cash?

So let's stop the spamming by ignoring users that spam. I created a very low quality video on how to go about ignoring users you can watch that video if you don't know how to do it.

Let me help bring awareness to other users by re-noising this message, the only thing I am promoting is that you in your own chamber feed you start looking for spammers and start ignoring them and it will be even better if you don't give your free tips to spammers either. Love BCH❤️ Promote BCH❤️ Promote ❤️

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@Yaseensaim976 posted 1 year ago