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Depression in young adults is more than negative feelings or down in dumps temporarily. The mood is extreme and degrading, and can affect your way of thought, feeling or working in your everyday life, causing household, school and social issues. You can feel hopeless and lonely, if you are sad, and it may seem as though no one knows. Yet depression is even more severe than you think in teenagers.

When the feeling is so intense that, in addition to hurting yourself or others, you cannot see any alternative, you have to get assistance immediately. It may be very difficult to seek assistance when in the center of such intense feelings, but for a friend, family member, or a teacher, for instance, it is important that you find someone you trust. Call a suicidal helpline if you don't believe you have anyone to speak to or you find it might be easyer to chat with an alien. You can chat about someone who knows what you are doing in confidence and can help you manage the feeling.

There is ALWAYS another solution, even if you can’t see it right now.

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@shekqq posted 2 months ago