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Shahi Zarda (Sweet Rice) Pakistani Food Recipe (With Video) Badam (Almond) is very healthy for your health or brain, and the nervous system. In this recipe, I’m using almond, cardamom powder, pistachio and milk powder, and fresh dairy milk. Every ingredient is healthy for your health so don’t skip this recipe in your diet. You can easily burn 119 calories with the help of cycling, running, and cleaning. CourseDessert, Rice Recipes, Side Dish CuisinePakistani KeywordShahi Zarda (Sweet Rice) Pakistani Food Recipe (With Video)+ Prep Time15 minutes Cook Time20 minutes Total Time35 minutes Servings2 people Calories250kcal Authorshabo Ingredients Basmati Rice Olive Oil Sugar Small Cardamon Saffron Taste to Salt Almonds Raisin (kishmish) Dry Coconut Slices (Nariyal) Ras gullay Instructions Take a pan and add four glasses of water, half tbsp of salt, half tbsp of Saffron, and three small cardamoms and boil it After water comes boiled then add half kg of basmati rice and half tbsp of food color (red or orange) as you like it Cook Rice only 75% Strain and set aside it Take another pan and add half kg of sugar, two small cardamoms, half cup of water, and cook it until then sugar complete dissolved in the water Now add boiled rice and mix well Add chopped almonds, raisins, and coconut and mix it Now cover and cook for 10 minutes on the low flame of the stove After 10 minutes, dish out the delicious shahi zarda and decor with rasgully (sweet balls) and serve it Enjoy with your family

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