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April 28, 2023. | N° 105.

Hello, dear friend of Read Cash!

Happy Friday! The most anticipated day of the week.

Today I want to tell you that I am finally on Hive Blog. So if you have an account there, you can now follow me, and give me lots of votes if you want.

Link to my Hive Blog account.

This has been a process, which I have mentioned a few times here. Previously, I had some problems, such as not knowing how to use the platform and not having the resources to publish. After that, when I was finally going to do it (in the year 2022), I couldn't publish my first post because I ran out of Internet for several months.

In fact, I was absent from all my blogs because of it. So I can say that entering the Hive Blog has been a kind of fight against the current.

Until this week where I was working on it. Every moment I had I thought of a paragraph for my presentation.

Regarding resources, I used my last earnings from Read Cash of 2022. Plus, my earnings on Blurt in 2022. By then I ran out of liquid Blurt, and withoutBitcoin Cash in Read Cash. Even so, it was not enough to publish.

In 2022 @valerian delegated HP to me, thank you very much.

So, since I got into the world of blogs, I made some friends on the net, who recommended me some Discord groups and communities that could delegate RC to me. I didn't know if they would give me CR or not. But, like touching, it is not entering. I ask in these groups.

To my surprise, yesterday I realized that enough RC had been delegated to me to make a good presentation post. So I want to thank all those who helped me with it.

RC delegation of the HispaPro team on discord, and @theespeakd @rossmiapure thank you very much.

Another important aspect is that I did not know how much I would spend in my first post. So to save resources I made a two-column post. This would reduce the number of images.

Division of the post into two columns, highly recommended if you have few resources, and do not want to place the images twice in the English and Spanish translation.

What I didn't expect was that it's not that easy when you don't know the codes. It was there that my Telegram friends helped me with it.

I stayed up a little late last night until my presentation was finished.

And I loved the result.

Cover of my presentation post on Hive Blog.

For this presentation I wanted to add some recently taken photos that are not yet on my social networks. What made it give it a unique touch. Because I also used a photograph with the flag of my country, Venezuela, to identify my nationality.

It has been a journey, but, I feel satisfied. Also, writing this presentation I realized how things change. At the beginning, when I started writing in blogs, and I had to make a presentation, it was not easy.

I thought about what to write. I was wondering who Zul was. Being in the world of blogging has helped me in my personal life. Because I feel that when I write I discover something about myself. I learn something new. And it even helps me improve in many aspects. I even feel like I'm more photogenic. Jajaja.

I find it incredible how our talents are capable of making a better version of ourselves. Now, I can write a presentation, say who I am, what I want, where I am going.

I wanted to share this with you, because I feel happy about it.

There is nothing left to say, just go read it.

Link to my presentation here.

Do you speak Spanish?

I invite you to my group on Telegram, where Spanish speakers share on the web3. And if you don't speak Spanish, you are also welcome.

✒️Link here

I love writing, and taking photographs, so here I leave you other places where I also write with a lot of love.

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Photo and text, by my author, Zul Airan Mujica Frontado (Zul Frontado).

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7 months ago
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Hola Zul, me alegro mucho por ti, espero tengas mucha suerte y que te reciban en Hive igual de bien como me recibiste tu a mí en read.cash.

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7 months ago

Muchas gracias Brian :D también espero lo mismo.

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7 months ago

Goodluck on your Hive vlog journey.

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7 months ago

Thank you so much <3

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7 months ago