I suffered the mid-life crisis

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February, 17, 2023. | No. 92

Hello, dear friends of Read Cash, Happy Friday! The most awaited day of the week to rest, and enjoy life.

I've been a long time without internet, although it's not related to my internet connection. I feel that in a way, all this time is connected with my 25 years old crisis. This is my current age.

It's been a time where I've done a lot of things, and thought a lot of things. I've worked, I've been to college, I've gone out a bit, I've discovered things about myself.

But there also came a time where I wondered what would happen to my life. I am 25 years old, I live in a country with hyperinflation. So I must have a good income to be able to live here. Something that is hard to do if you are dependent on a salary as an employee.

On top of that, I don't have a steady job. All chaos. That was my mind.

And it is in times of crisis where two things happen. The first is that you panic, so you only think of worst-case scenarios. Second, you look for a solution, but it comes when you have a cool head.

However, money is not everything in life, nor is it my only concern. It is also my love life. The fact that I couldn't find someone to share my life with, added more drama. So I burst into tears.

I didn't know what to think, or what to do.

Until, someone was there, my family and a dear friend. So this article is not a post with which you are going to get out of it, because I believe that everyone has their own way to get out of their problems. This is what happened to me, and I want to tell you the way in which little by little I got out of my existential crisis.

First I know you will say that the crisis of 25 years is an exaggeration. So you're wrong, it's not, it's in Google. In a nutshell it is defined as the time in life where we feel stuck and don't know what to do. At this age, according to social standards we should have economic stability, and family.

Something that does not happen to all of us. Because it is very simple, everyone's dreams and goals are different. Besides the progress of each person takes time. Some of us take longer than others. But everything you want will come, if you work for it.

There is no magic solution to stop feeling bad. It's something that requires a commitment to yourself. My way was, shower, do my hair, put on makeup, think positive thoughts and solutions. Beautiful and positive! Yes!

It's the best thing, a busy mind, with engaging thoughts, will always allow our mental health to stay at 100%.

Other things that helped me a lot were the people I love. My mom, my sister, and my friend. They were always there to hug me, give me advice, as well as give me encouragement. The best support is the people who love you. And why not! Also your pets. My beloved cats always giving me their love.

This is on an earthly level. However, in the spiritual, God also worked his magic to put the people I needed on the road. And he never tired of giving me solutions, which arrived at my doorstep, such as fiber optic internet.

So, everything depends on the perspective we have, on how we seek to solve the problem that afflicts us. To live, to see the beautiful side of everything that comes our way. Because we can go through that mental chaos, but we should never stay there.

We must always move forward.

And not get frustrated for not getting everything right away. Some things take time. For example, the internet. It took 6 months to get fiber optics in my community, until finally!  Now I have internet at home.

It also applies to employment, family, friends, partner, or whatever you want in life.

Although my gift is not patience, in all this time I have learned to cultivate it. I can be patient for things like waiting for the pasta water to boil, but I've had a hard time being patient with things in life like a good job, for example.

So getting desperate can lead you to take any option. I was thinking of buying a portable Wi-Fi, and I got fiber Internet. Something much better. So little by little I understood that some things just come.

They come like good friends, good advice, and the beautiful things that life gives us.

Everything you want, will come.


❤️Written with much love, from this beautiful land called, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela.❤️

Zul Airan Mujica Frontado (@zulfrontado) | Venezuela.

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7 months ago


A lot of people get stuck. Your right we have to keep moving foward. Eventually things will see light if we remain positive. Sometimes it takes awhile and growing patience is hard to come to terms with. I completely get that.

I can tell you now that I feel stuck. Stuck can be so many things. Financially is what most people relate to but it can be ones self esteem, drive, physical capabilities, love life, and so much more. I pray for you friend that you get on track with a good job 🤗

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7 months ago

Thanks, buddy. You will also find the way, just always be positive, and you will find it.

God reveals to us what we need so much.

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7 months ago