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June, 20, 2022. | No. 80

Hello, dear Read's friend!

Today I want to tell you about Blurt. I have written about it before. The difference from before to now is that I already have more experience with the platform.

Here is the link to my Blurt account.

What is BLURT?

If you don't know, it's a Blog platform with a certain social network feel. However, it is not a social network. As in all blogging sites you have to make some effort to get known.

But there is something curious about this website, and it is that it has certain similarities with Hive Blog, its operation is similar and the interface is also similar. However, it has very interesting differences that will make you want to use it.

How is BLURT different from Hive Blog?

With little money you manage your account.

The first difference is the expenses. While in Hive Blog to operate your account in a calm and happy way you must invest about 20$. In BLURT you only need 10 BLURT which is equivalent to 0.2$. That is to say that with very little money you can publish, follow someone, comment, and other functions.

At the beginning you have to pay.

If you don't have a Blurt account yet, and you want to create one, you have to pay. There are two ways to pay. The first, is a $3.00 payment, and the second is that someone who has Blurt will fund you 10 Blurt to start with.

I didn't have to do that because if you have Steemit account since 2019, you already automatically have Blurt, Hive Blog account (including all their ecosystem like 3speakd, ecency, peakd, and others).

But I did have to ask for some help. Because I didn't have any money to start publishing. So some friends from Team Mexico were super nice and funded my account.

Everything is cheap.

"How cheap, How cheap!" is a phrase often said by the Valentino Circus here in my country. And it also applies in Blurt.

Although you have to pay for every action you take, the costs are minimal compared to other platforms like Steemit or Hive Blog.

So with about 10 Blurt, you can survive quietly. Just don't waste it.

An orange interface.

Another thing that distinguishes it is its orange interface, and its peculiar logo with the word "BLURT", in capital letters and covering the mouth of the emoji. It could be said that it is as if it was saying bad words.

However, its meaning more beech.

No negative votes, less haters, more tranquility.

Regarding what I said before, in Blurt you can breathe peace. Since I've been there I haven't seen the annoying haters. And best of all, there is no such thing as negative voting on this platform.

So, you don't have to worry about someone giving you a negative vote and lowering the reputation of your account. As it happens in Hive Blog and Steemit.

About its operation.

It works the same as Steemit and Hive Blog, in terms of creating posts and that kind of thing. It also works with different passwords or keys. Which you don't have to worry about, because the platform always *tells you which passwords to use for each action.

Use tags.

Another important thing are the tags, which are those labels that we place at the end of our posts for many people to see them.

There is a place where you can visualize the tags that are available on the platform. You can also view other users' posts to copy and paste them into your article.

Always remembering that they have to be relevant to the topic of the post.

And never invent tags, because nobody will know them so you will have less visualization.

"I want a nice profile!"

This is something I've been saying since I started on Blurt. Because I always have problems with the cover image. I've struggled until I get it to look good.

But it always looks like I'm using a very low resolution image, so it looks pixelated. The reason: There is a size for the cover, and if you don't use a proper one, Blurt adjusts it in its own way.

So I've created several covers of various sizes. Until I visited Ecency, one of the ecosystem part of Hive Blog. That's when I copied the cover size to make my own in Blurt.

Screenshot of my profile on Blurt.

The result has been decent, compared to my previous covers that made me cringe because of the lack of sharpness. There is simply no valid justification for me. Because I make articles with sharp, beautiful photographs, why would anyone whose content is photography oriented use an unsharp cover?

There is no forgiveness for me, so I had to fix it.

Regarding the cover size I use is 2048 px x 512 px

About the votes.

The secret to get votes is good content and that you are constant on the platform. However, there are some tips. Mostly to make yourself known.

So I use four means to do it, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Noise Cash. Sometimes I don't post on all of them, due to lack of time or internet issues. But if I can I do.

I just copy the link of my article, the name, I put an emoji referring to the topic, and I add the cover of my article to make the publication more eye-catching. I also add some hagtags, to reach more people. And that's it.

It's a kind of super cheap advertising, that only takes a few minutes of your time. Besides that it helps you to get readers organically, in my opinion. Because anyone who catches your eye will come like a bee to honey.

It also allows you to get followers on some of these mediums. On Twitter I always get new followers who also blog, or are writers in general. It's just a matter of belonging to a niche in the internet world.

For now mine is writing and digital creation (in which you will soon see me, God willing).


I personally really like this platform. It is easy to use and cheap. In addition to this, getting votes is easy. On the other hand, the interaction between users is low, since each action requires a payment in Blurt. However, the pay per share is quite low, so don't be stingy and leave some comments on the posts you like. You will encourage that person to continue creating content.

Regarding the platforms I use for writing, there are Read Cash, Blurt and Wattpad, where I have a collection of poems that I update every time I get inspired.

As you will see, this is what I know about Blurt, I hope it helps you a lot and encourages you to join this great platform. If you need help with it, you can tell me your question. My contact on Telegram is also available in the links below.

Zul Airan Mujica Frontado (@zulfrontado) | Venezuela.

❤️ I bid you farewell, with love and a big hug. thanks for reading!❤️

Original text by zulfrontado ©.

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9 months ago


Reconozco que soy una gran cobarde cuando de cambios se trata, ya que comenzar a investigar y practicar en una nueva plataforma siempre se me hace cuesta arriba, sobretodo cuando me dicen debes comenzar a buscar comunidades, sin embargo gracias por tu exposición que la hace parecer muy amigable.

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8 months ago

Los cambios siempre nos asustan. Al principio no me sentia familiarizada con Blurt, a pesar de que escribir en Steemit, la cual es muy parecida. Pero, poco a poco, preguntando y explorando fue que pude sentirme comoda y escribir en ella. Espero te guste la plataforma. :)

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8 months ago

Gracias por la valiosa asesoría, voy a ir poco a poco, saludos

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8 months ago

Saludos @zulfrontado muy interesante la mejor parte es que el contenido que desarrollas en esa blockchain automáticamente forma parte de los derechos de propiedad intelectual dandole mas originalidad por lo que si puedes publicar en cualquier otra cripto-blogging, solo que lamentablemente aun no me responde la compra que deje realizando en el exchange de ionomy con mis BTC pero bueno ya habra oportunidad

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8 months ago

Creo que el atractivo más grande de Blurt, es que no hay votos negativos, no hay manera de prestarse o caer en el Hate de una persona o una comunidad completa, influenciados por gente intensa.

Excelente post, Zul. :D

Edito: Por cierto, me encantó el tono del color naranja que usaste en tus banners. Muy vivo. Creo que los tonos que usan en Blurt son un poquito apagados y veo un poquito innecesario el uso del color rojo sobre el naranja.

Creo que haz hecho un buen trabajo en cuestiones de diseño también.

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9 months ago

Muchas gracias, Ayam, me alegra alegra mucho tu opiniòn. Sobre todo porque trabajas el diseño de una forma màs avanzada que la mìa.

Tambièn me parece inncesario el rojo y el naranja juntos, no me agrada esa combinaciòn. sobre el naranja que uso, te paso luego el codigo de Photoshop, cuando vuelva a conectarme a Internet.

De hecho, ademas de ese tambièn hay otro tono muy bonito, un poco màs claro, y un amarillo que llama demasiado la atenciòn sin ser chillon. Los cuales he usado en trabajos para la universidad, que te pasarè para que los pruebes.

Con respecto a Blurt, lo de los votos negativos me ha dado un respiro despues del trago amargo con Hive.

Y, ¡gracias por leerme! :D

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9 months ago

I can see good reviews about other writing sites including BLURT. I wish you more success on the site. I will share this with my daughter who is looking for a writing site.

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8 months ago

Hi zulfrontado, it seems Blurt is another fork of Steem, & Hive. I just can't understand why you have to spend money to use the platform. However, with this low amount to spend, it has an advantage over its brother platforms. Btw, you have a beautiful profile.

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9 months ago

Thank you very much :)

Yes, that's their biggest advantage, so I think it's a good idea to start now before the currency goes up. So that you have a good capital. Cheers!

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9 months ago

I had an account in steemit but I forgot where my keys are. So blurt is really (almost) the same of Hive.

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9 months ago

You can create a new account in BLURT but with another user. Personally I think they have a noticeable difference. As I mentioned, it is much cheaper to trade on Blurt than Hive. Even interacting is cheaper there.

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9 months ago