4 Internet sites that I do not use

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Hello, dear friend of Read Cash!

Today is Sunday, a day of rest, so I will make a list of sites that I do not use, explaining some reasons. You can also make a list in comments. It will be interesting to read your opinion, so do not hesitate to give it.

Tinder, or any dating site.

Create an account on Tinder, also on various dating sites. My goal was to find people to talk to, since everyone was in isolation due to the Covid pandemic. So I wanted to take advantage of learning to practice Russian and English. Although I know few words, I saw it as a good idea.

I found many people, mostly looking for the opposite of me. In the same way, femicides had increased because of it. So I got a little scared, and proceeded to close my accounts in all these places.


I love making money online, and much more if it's rubles. It is an easy currency to get, however, in some pages I could not withdraw my money. One of them is Aviso.bz

This website works well, and there are several payment tests on the web. But, it has a detail, to make withdrawals you must confirm by means of a code sent to your cell phone by means of a call.

My current phone does not receive calls. I couldn't change the number either. So just stop working on it.

Ruble pages for doing tasks in social networks.

I used them for a long time. It's really easy, and you can earn about $1 a day with them. The problem is that it affects your social networks, because it is not an organic activity. Causing the closure of your account.

Because of this, I lost 2 Twitter accounts, and I was very close to ending my VK account.

If you work for them, or want to, remember to create fake profiles. To avoid this problem.

Web to earn money through surveys.

Living in Venezuela there are no surveys available for my country. There is also the option to use VPN, and other requirements.

Personally, I find the process somewhat tedious. Although I know from good sources that it works and is worth it. In addition to this, to have a good income it requires investment in VPN, and other tools.

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to make your own list.

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1 year ago


I have also other apps that I no longer use.

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1 year ago

As which?

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1 year ago

Possibly you could post an article describing this: "Because of this, I lost 2 Twitter accounts, and I was very close to ending my VK account."

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1 year ago

It's a good idea, I'm going to write about it.

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