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The giveaway has a winner

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The draw for the great opportunity to win 15 internal dollars in the Trust Investing system is over and there is already a winner. User @Eli075 emerged victorious between two participants.

If you don't know what Trust Investing is, you can review all the information here

TRUST INVESTING, a solid investment

Also, if you don't know about the $ 15 draw you can review all the information here

TRUST INVESTING, 15 dollars giveaway


As you know, to participate in this excellent opportunity, it was a condition of being my sponsor, even if it was only with $ 0.01. This condition was to prevent people outside of Read.Cash from creating a user just to participate and take the opportunity away from you.

Only two users met these conditions and these are @scottcbusiness and @Eli075, so the draw was made between the two of them.


The raffle was made through the website to be completely random and public. The selection was made at 12 noon on December 6 on the same page.


Once the deadline was completed and the winner was selected, I contacted her and we made all the necessary steps to receive the prize.

@Eli075 created a user as my referral in the Trust Investing system and 15 USDT was transferred to her internal wallet of the system. With these she was able to buy an initial plan that will allow her within 48 hours to start earning benefits based on the profits of the company. She can also start inviting her own referrals and benefit from the company's referral plan.

I thank @scottcbusiness for their participation and both of them for their sponsorship and I encourage him and all of you to try investing some of your money in this excellent company that is giving such good results.

Thank you very much to all


If you liked the offer and are interested in investing, but you don't know anyone who can invite you, feel free to register as a member of my team and rest assured that I will help you and guide you in everything I can so that you are comfortable with your investment.

The link to enter as my affiliate is the following.

You can also contact me through or by Whatsapp or Telegram by +5354065485. Communication can also be in Spanish or English languages


If you found this article interesting, you may want to know more about the subject and read some more, consider subscribing to my user and you will find out when I publish something new, as well as the corresponding community.

Thank you all…

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Written by   73
5 months ago (Last updated: 4 months ago)
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