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December 2020 Earnings

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Trust Investing had a very good month this December to close the year with amazing results. Don't miss out on these business earnings results on Trust Investing crypto asset management system. Described by the percentages earned per day and the accumulated earnings since the company is in operation.

Daily earnings values for the month December

The values are given in percent. Each day this percentage of the value invested by plans is earned. The percentage is applied to each plan separately.

These values mean that in the month of December each member had earnings of 18% of the total invested they have in the system. In other words, each plan they have purchased reports 18% earnings for the month.

Summary for months since the company went public

Percentages received per months of the year 2019 and 2020

Full 2020 Earnings Summary

The year 2020 despite all the problems that have occurred in the world, has not been a bad year for the members of Trust Investing. The number of members grew considerably to more than 300,000 and several businesses were concluded that have given great stability to the system. Trust Investing also grew from the point of view of legality. They changed their headquarters to Estonia, a country that is legally very advanced in the world of cryptocurrencies.

This year 2020 was also a very tough year for systems like this and we saw a few of them fail and close. Many people also lost their money because the crisis and strong increases in the price of Bitcoin greatly affected systems that did not have good foundations.

However, Trust Investing was strong and paying throughout the year and even stronger. Members who have investments saw their capital multiply rapidly.

In 2020 Trust Investing paid its investors a total of 225.7% of their investments, only for Trading (not counting the earnings from referral plan).

225.7% profit in just one year, more than double in these times of crisis, incredible. If someone is still not convinced, I do not know what other arguments to give.

My earnings in the month of December

When the month of December began, my total invested in the system amounted to $800 divided into several plans of different values ​​purchased at various times since June that I invested for the first time. With that month's earnings of 18%, I was able to earn $144 just for business. I was also able to earn a little more per referral plan.

If you remember the month of October, I commented that according to my strategy I would not invest more in the months of November and December. In other words, I stopped the compound interest to withdraw the gains of these two months.

If you remember last month I explained to you that being Cuban I cannot buy or sell bitcoin with the currency of my country, that is, I have to find other ways to receive the money. The previous month I extracted $170 and a friend in Spain sent it to me. But the percentages that these mechanisms charge for Cubans are very high and in the end I was only able to receive $142, too much of a loss, almost 20%.

For December I used a different strategy. I directly sold the USDT within the system to other Cuban users, who paid me with my currency. Then with this I bought US dollars and the $144 I was able to convert them into approximately $130, losing between 10% and 11%. Not bad for my country believe me.


Between what I had already taken out before, what I took out last month and what I took out this month, I already extracted all my initial investment from the system in just 6 months. In addition, I still have $ 800 invested that will continue to pay off for several more months. Remember that the plans last approximately 10 months, that is, my first plans begin to be completed in May 2021.

In this 2021 I start again with Compound Interest and I will continue to increase my total investment and my monthly earnings. I will tell you and encourage you to see if you dare to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

Any questions you have, you can ask in the comments and perhaps you have to add some more information to the article if you deem it appropriate, just tell me.

This is just one of a series of articles on the Trust Investing investment system. If you are interested, I invite you to also read the rest of them from my username.

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If you liked the offer and are interested in investing, but you do not know anyone who can invite you, feel free to register as a member of my team and rest assured that I will help and guide you in everything I can so that you are comfortable with your investment.

The link to enter as my affiliate is the following.

You can also contact me through email or by Whatsapp or Telegram by +5354065485. Communication can also be in Spanish or English languages


If you found this article interesting, you may want to learn more about the subject and read some more, consider subscribing to my user and you will find out when I publish something new, as well as the corresponding community.

Thank you all…

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4 months ago
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I love and have earned good money here for my work and dedication. I would also like to earn a lot more BCH here, but I have never earned more than $ 20 a month and of course not every month. This of course depends entirely on me and my work of course and I am sure that I will improve in the future. But unless I win the favor of a great and generous tipper like @MarcDeMesel, I don't think that however much I improve I will reach Trust Investing's earnings levels.

There are several reasons but the main one is the super power that it allows and that does not have because it does not need it. I am referring of course to Compound Interest. I don't know if you've ever done IC calculations but that is unrivaled. And in the long run it gets much wilder. In 7 months I have already recovered my initial investment and I have increased my total investment more than three times.

If you say it because you know something that I don't, please explain to me so I can earn a lot here at myself. Thank you

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I think you are doing well here and your earnings will grow. I think I earned a little bit more than $20/month here, but I'm also using other crypto blogs as well. And yes, I think there should be more opportunities to earn BCH by providing goods and services, so there won't be a needs to move fiat into crypto. (I do consulting and marketing and sometimes earn in crypto)

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Thanks for the encouragement, I really expect a lot from In any case, I will continue to report my work at Trust Investing in this type of article for those interested.

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Alright I subscribed you and saved this article. For now it's too much information for me to understand exactly what to do but it definitely sounds better than taking a loan.

If my connection allows me I try to read more and figure out how or what. Thanks for sharing the info. 👍🍀

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3 months ago

If you are intrigue about Trust Investing, I recomend you read all my articles about it. And if even after that you have question you can write an email. My contacts are at the end of articles

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