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Attracting Positivity (2)

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2 months ago

The last article I have written was the first part of this. It talks about attracting positive energy with our psychological assets. It is more on what is on our thoughts that influenced our actions which radiates from our body to our environment.

Our outlook in life and the people we surround ourself with affect the way we see things. So it was like more on intangible things. This time, was on the tangible things.

There are things we can do and have to attract positive vibes most especially in our home. Why our home? Because it is mostly where we start our daily life and where we ends our daily endeavor, thus, surrounding it with positivity affect our thoughts.

Starting a new day in a good ambiance makes us more productive.. So here are some that we can do to attract the good and neutralise the bad vibes.

1. The Use of natural sunlight

Aside from D vitamin that we can get from sunlight, letting it into our house for natural lighting accelerates happy mood that is associated with positive energy.

Everyday, pull the blinds and throw open the curtains.

2. De-clutter

What is more welcoming and relaxing than coming home to a clutter-free house? I can remember my mother who always told me/us to keep clutters away or just simply fix the things into their right place after we played or used them. She said that it is more tiring and stressing to come home with clutters all around.

When you have kids growing up, expect that mess is everywhere. However, de-cluttering things from their drawers and cabinets of things they no longer need adds space to the room. And when you have more space, the easier you can breath that positive energy naturally comes in.

Do the same in the living room and in the kitchen. Then place a pot or vase of flower at the table.

3. Bring and blend in house plants and flowers

Having plants in the house adds life to it. It purifies the air and absorbs radiation emitted from our gadgets. It adds vibrance and raises happy mood.

Placing and arranging them in the right places helps boost up energy level and relieves mental stress. It also alleviates discomfort to the ill and elderly in the house.

Some flowers you can have are succulents, ferns, lucky bamboo, aloe vera, lavender, money tree, rosemary, basil, peace lily and orchids.

4. Have pets in the house

Pets are excellent companion as they provide us with love. By simply stroking them relieves stress from our arduous everyday life. They are natural absorbers of negative energy and turning it to a positive one.

You can also try putting up a bird feeder stand on one of those wide windows. It will soon be frequented by birds and listening to their chirping is a melody.

5. Rearrange furniture

This should come after de-cluttering. Rearrange movable furnitures to make more space in the room and a fresh new look also gives off good vibrance.

6. Retouch

You can apply a touch of paint to a room with these colors which is known to make a room more vibrant: these are green, yellow, blue, red pink. In addition to it, having these colors for throw pillows, curtains and quilts enhance the mood.

After retouching, hang some artworks but make sure not to make it overcrowded.

7. Include scents and candles

So while on shopping for your interior designs, do not forget scents and candles on your list.

A fresh smelling room makes one feel happier according to aromatherapy. Add a drop of essential oil into a diffuser to make the room smell fresh. Scents like lavender, rosemary or tangerine can be.

What about the candles? Yes, it attracts positive energy too. So choose a white-colored one which is said to be the best for inviting positive energies. No wonder they were what are usually used on candle-lit dinners.

8. Make the house clean at all times if possible

As this may not be possible with small kids around but making the house clean and neat as possible not only makes them avoid accidents but doing so restores balance and good energy.

Ending thoughts

After a tiresome day from our day to day living, the inviting calmness inside our house is priceless. You can achieve it by making it feel happier, brighter and more expansive with the help of the above mentioned.

Bringing in positive energy into our home should be one of our goals to be achieved one of these days. It hugely contributes to our state of wellbeing.

Thanks for reading



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Written by   210
2 months ago
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gawain ko madalas yung 5 and 8. hehehe. nakakapagbigay talaga siya ng positive energy and nakakalighten ng mood :)

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1 month ago

Yes to all of that! I have been practicing minimalism for quite a while now, mas mayat talaga ti panagpanunot pay nu kua. Tas pets, plants! Perfect!

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thank you for highlighting these little things that can bring bring happiness even in our homes, I will try them out and get back to you 😊

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Magagawa ko lng cguro mga yan kpgbsa bahay na ako. 😅

$ 0.00
2 months ago