2y/o Development Milestones

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Development milestones of a child starts from birth. It is one of the most wonderful happenings that adds joy to every parent's heart. In my previous articles I have written about speech and language development, walking,potty training and weaning a child.

In this article will be about the overall milestone development of a 2 year old toddler.

From the moment a child started the walking and speech development he is either being compared to a child who developed earlier or if he's an early developer, late bloomers are being compared to him. As a parent, it sometimes feels bad.

What are the milestones during this stage of growth? When will a parent be concerned of her child's development and needs a pediatrician's intervention?

At two years old, a child becomes more physically active and more aware of himself and his surroundings. He becomes more of an explorer.

Physical/Movement Development

This includes two developments; the big muscles movement referred to as gross motor skills, and fine motor skills for small muscles development.

Gross motor skills

Run baby run.2yrs,5wks
  • walks,runs and starts to jump with both feet

  • climbs on furnitures, stairs and playground equipments.

  • catch a ball with both hands.

  • carry or pull a toy while walking

  • kicks and throws a ball

  • stands on tiptoe

Fine motor skills

1yr and 10 months. This gal already has a good grip of pencil and colors w/ her fingers. She learned it herself how to because her 4year old brother is always scribbling in a paper
  • able to hold a spoon and cup and bring it to mouth

  • starts to brush teeth and hair

  • learn to turn the faucet and washes hands

  • start to build blocks of at least 4 layers

  • try snapping or zipping zippers when you started

  • holds utensils and crayons with fingers not fist. Holding a crayon or a pencil during this stage depends if a child was trained.

  • And if trained, he can copy straight line and a circle.

Language Development

Talkative tottling at 2yr/o

At this stage a child talks a lot and understands what you say.

  • repeats words he heard

  • understands the words and names for familiar person, objects and body parts.

  • put two words together especially a noun and a verb.

  • starts to ask questions

  • the use of plural, and me and you.

  • points to things when named.

Cognitive Development

The child is already thinking new ways, learning and figures out problem solving techniques

  • begin to sort shapes, size and colors

  • pretend to be cartoon characters

  • finds hidden things even when under a mattress

  • builds towers of four blocks

  • complete familiar nursery rhymes

  • names objects, pictures or animals itself

  • follow two-step instructions like "get your cap and wear it."

Social and Emotional Development

2yr old. She loves to attend daycare the moment she started walking. The center is just around 10m that's why she ran to it whenever she heard kids playing

.If you have a tot this age, you will notice that

  • he gets interested with other kids his age or older. He also likes to be more independent.

  • Copies or imitates older kids and children even say words how it was told.

  • shows defiant behavior by doing what he's been told not to.

  • starts tantrums when frustrated

  • shows more separation anxiety but plays mainly beside other kids.

Some of these developments starts as early as 16 months and improves as they approach their 3rd birthday. Always remember that children develop at their own pace. However, when majority of these is not achieved when they approach the age of 3,better talk to his healthcare provider.

Listed are the major delayed development that are noticeable when he's already 3.

  • not able to use two word phrase like "get toys."

  • not able to identify or doesn't know the use of common things like spoon,fork, and toothbrush or hairbrush.

  • can't follow simple instructions he's told.

  • was not able to mimic actions and words

  • unsteady gait

  • loses skills she once had.

From infancy to this stage, a child miraculously progresses. And at this time of toddlerhood, the child starts to define himself. Include activities that spur his imagination and vocabulary. A child at this stage becomes a handful, all attention is focused on him to ensure his safety and avoid accidents.


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