My child has a medical EMERGENCY please help

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Hello, my name is yuleinis flores I am Venezuelan and I want to ask everyone to please help me achieve a surgery that my 6 year old greivis son urgently needs, a year ago he had an intestinal complication that as a consequence the fecal matter expelled through the mouth, because of that the doctors made an emergency colostomy so that the fecal matter is not expelled through the mouth, now needs a surgery where they must join their intestine with the anus so that I can do their needs in a normal way, this surgery has a very high value and my family does not have the resources to cover this surgery whose value is of 1935 American dollars, the monthly salary in my country is only 3M bolivars being an approximate of 2.72 American dollars, which is impossible that we can get so much money in a job in my country, I have taken pictures of your medical history to share with you.

You can help my son by matching or donating a little, thank you very much for supporting me in this difficult time.


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