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A simple thought in Modern Agorism

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7 months ago

First, I don’t want to see this as an attempt to make revisionism of something that is already consolidated, at least in an ideological way, but I feel that Agorism has progressed enough that it can reunite again with their original roots.

You know what I'm talking about, a lot of time has passed since Sam Konkin parted ways with political Libertarianism because they lacked vision and practical ways to incorporate the free-market economics we constantly want to happen, authors like Rothbard wanted to spread their vision through political parties and movements, Nozick wanted a long-term transition, Konkin already had the solution by dividing markets in sections to subjugate the state step-by step, didn’t need a complete theory nor debates, he didn’t want to belong in any way to the state, and gray and black markets were a consistent solution to the constant struggle of fighting statism.

Another thing relevant to the subject, was the ethics of anarchocapitalism which Konkin pointed as inconsistent and too soft. For readers of Rothbard, this can lead to a complex debate of axioms and principles of anarchism. For one thing, Konkin rejected punishment for violations of the non-aggression principle: nothing beyond restitution was justifiable. Let’s quote him, “One must conclude this description of restoration theory by dealing with some arcane objections to it. Most of these reduce to challenges to ascribe value to violated goods or persons. Letting the impersonal market and the victim decide seems most fair to both victim and aggressor. The latter point offends someone who feel punishment is required for evil in thought; reversibility of deed is not enough for them.

Rothbard also objected against the Konkin scale and transition to a free market society, “First, there is a fatal flaw which not only vitiates Konkin’s agoric strategy but also permits him to evade the whole problem of organization”

Konkin was anti wage labor and didn’t consider this as a form of voluntaryism since everyone can execute their ideas even if they are the same and the competition can spread the benefits to make more entrepreneurs more than people offering their labor for a cheap price. It’s a strong take, and it leads to discussion for sure, but both of them were in an era where Internet was at baby steps and different directions of decentralized money wasn’t even a strong concept.

Now we have cryptocurrencies, we can sabotage state through piracy (for a while) both gray and black markets went into success, and they just opted for violence to remove it, and that’s why we should make modern Agorism a bigger movement and letting the past go since we have the tools to prevail in a free market world, we can debate minor stuff later.

Now it’s 2022, we live in an economic recession product of excessive statism, gas taxes for roads and creating CBDC’s to take all our freedom into central banking system, we need to work even harder in these times for complete freedom, because they are scared, and they start to regulate with their force, how in the world can you regulate Bitcoin? That doesn’t have sense, right? We don’t have to follow that logic.

Those who were called in the past minarchists in a derogatory way, or being called too soft, forget it, join the revolution, use crypto, don’t use the traditional social media if needed, start to use P2P currencies as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Monero (XMR) so they can’t track your income and evade taxation, protecting your money means contributing to the protection of lives.

We know we are forced to pay taxes, but we shouldn’t forget that it means to give money to terrorists, so every time we pay taxes, we put in risk the place we live, poorier countries, and they can keep their war machine for years. You can listen to Roger Ver thoughts about the state to have a simple but clear view of what we should delete from this planet for good

When you start to use cryptocurrencies it’s the biggest step to embrace freedom, you can find everything you need in daily life without giving information or exposing yourself, you can compound your wealth with Decentralized Finances (DeFi), not only helping you but helping others with their new mechanisms the system offers, and that’s just a small part of it, Cryptocurrencies involves both a technological-tangible freedom, we just need to expand it, moving progressively towards the market we always desired, the Agora, and any libertarian who embraces authentic freedom can feel welcomed :).

I will be posting my thoughts here from time to time, this is a nice place to deload all the stress we have everyday, criticism it's allowed of course so, take your time to read if you find it interesting :D.

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7 months ago
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