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1 month ago

So I have read about sis @joydigitalsolutions article about this pompt and I had fun reading each of her answers. I thought to myself why not try it? It might be fun and so I did. Here is my version of get to know me more.

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5 feet flat, but I wish I was taller

Shoe size

7 of 40, depends on how comfortable the shoe wear is

Do you smoke?

I did once, but not anymore: I regretted it though

Do you drink?

I drink alcoholic beverages for its medicinal purpose, I could not afford one for fun.

Do you take drugs?

Nope, I remember last month a random drug test was held and we lined up first, knowing we are not hiding anything.

Age you get mistaken for

No specific age, but I was mistaken to be a high schooler once; but now, I don’t hear it na, maybe I look mature , or even older than my age

Have tattoos?

No, nit interested in it anyway

Got any piercings?

I got two piercings on each of my ears, but I do not use earrings since few years ago, It irritates me.

Best friend?

My husband and kids; all of my friends have their own family and we communicate rarely, for business purposes haha.

Relationship Status

Happily married

Biggest turn-ons

Everytging my husband does, maybe? Not so sure though.

Biggest turn-offs

When I find he lies.

Favorite Movie

Lion King 3, Hakuna Matata cartoon version; never gets old. The movie contains just a little stress

I’ll love you if

I love my husband even more when I found out that he needs me even when he is asleep, and loved me even more when he found out about my flaws

Someone you miss

My family, always. Eight hours at my work place seems too long to be not with them

Most traumatic experience

When we nearly got hit by a car, we were on a motorcycle at that time. Took me a day to relax.

A fact about your personality

I hate when I hate, I let people see who I am, when I am angry or happy. Di ako plastic. I don’t care if I offend people especially if they offend me first

What I hate about myself

I have very little patience and I curse a lot

What I want to be when I get older

Well this is funny because when I was younger I wanted to have a job. But when I found out about blogging platforms, I wanted to retire early, and do all the blogs that I wanted to do. But I am not sure if I can do it.

My relationship with my sibling(s)

I had a good relationship with most of them, haha not all

My relationship with my parent(s)

Very good, we find time to spend and help my mother

My idea of a perfect date

Watching movie at home while the kids are already asleep, sharing coffee and having snacks, Just our alone time together, talking about random things and laughing about it all.

My biggest peeves

It irritates me a lot when my workmates are too noisy with their phones. They could just have used earphones; not minding if they might be disturbing others

A description of a boy/girl

A boy and a girl might be childish by looks and y their thinking

A description of the person I dislike the most

Noisy, that’ number one

What your last message says

>okay sir, after lunch na.

To my co worker after he asks a 300 grams sample of full fat soya from me

What words upset me the most

Anything that is a lie

What words make me feel the best about myself?

I’m not sure about this none, I cannot remember any.

What I find attractive in women

No makeup, not igat and dresses modeslty

What I find attractive in men

Simple, humble and know how to make diskarte in life

Where I would like to live

Somewhere I can see nature 360 degrees and has a fast internet connection

One of my insecurities

I’m not as pretty and sexy as other woman is

My favorite ice cream flavor

Mango, strawberry and vanilla though other flavors are good too

My childhood career choice

I did not have any, that’s why I followed my parent’s suggestion on taking Agriculture , haha.

Where I want to be right now

At home, making lots of blogs while tending to my kids’ needs

The last thing I ate

Rice, monggo soup and scrambled egg for breakfast; I wanted to finish this article before having my lunch.

The sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately

No one exactly, really but do you know that big-boob woman in One piece anime? I just know her by her looks.

Most memorable birthday

My 21st. My husband made an effort to buy a cake for me.

The thing I treasured with sentimental value

Things that I bought with my own salary. Most of the things and clothes that I have were hand me downs.

Ooh , this is so much fun to answer; I thank you sis @joydigitalsolutions where I saw this wonderful promt, and @Micontingsabit for initiating. Thank you for being with me. Keep safe.

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Written by   61
1 month ago
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di ko alam kung bakit pag dun sa turn ons na part bigla akong kinikilig hahahaha!

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1 month ago

Ahahaha di ko alam ano sumahi sa isip mo dun ha. Hehe.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Wow. Mas matangkad ka sakin konti sis. Sana mas matangkad pa tayo konte. Haha. Liit ko talaga eh.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Oo sis, pero konti lang, di halata kasi di masyadong halata lalo na pag makapal ang sole ng isusuot mong foot wear.

Yung mga anak ko sis, mafatangkad, di anma nag cherifer pero stretching lang talga every morning. Yung 7 years old ko taga kili kili ko na.

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1 month ago

Happily married with good relationship to the family😍😍😍🥰

$ 0.01
1 month ago

All of us dream about it sis..its up to us to make it happen, God does the majority of it

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1 month ago

Ang bilis mo gumawa article sis, kababasa ko lng knina,meron na uli sana all ako sayo dyan

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1 month ago

Haha di ako nanaghalian sis. Haha. Sa office pc kasi ako nag type at gisend ko sa messenger para copy paste lang. Mas madali kasi dun mag type eh.. Salamat sis

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Sana all nalang ako sa Happily married sis oi

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Salamat sis. I hope in ana pod imong status pohon ❤️

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1 month ago

pohon sis

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1 month ago